Title: All for One - the First Co-op Only Episode
Filename: levels/doom/a-c/a41_coop.zip
Size: 767.84 KB
Date: 05/26/95
Author: Chris Hill
Description: It seems that Mars wasn't the only world under attack from hell. Your squad of marines has been dispatched to a distant planet where Hell has established a beach- head. You awake from cryo-sleep to the realization that something has gone horribly wrong. Hell knew you were coming. They've tried to stop you. Your ship is under their control.

It's all down to the four of you.

First you must attempt to regain control of the ship. Access to the Armory and shuttle is blocked. The Power Core is overloaded and there's a hull breach in Ship's Services. Multiple Security and Safety fields block your progress. Perhaps you can find an alternate route to the shuttle and use it to abandon ship and head for the Station that orbits your target world. And how did the demons get here, anyway?

Once aboard the station, you must find some way to get down to the surface of the planet and attack the demons on their home ground.
Credits: Josh Fallon (NIGHTFAL) for the night sky texture. Marc Wensauer (AODSOUND) for the shotgun noise.
Base: New episode from scratch
Build time: Each level took about 7-10 days, except M6 which I'd rather not discuss, and M4 which was 5 days with 3 months between them. Overall 5 months, with numerous digressions.
Editor(s) used: DEU 5.2 DEUGCC 5.2 BSP 1.2x RMB 2.1 alpha DEUtex 3.1 dmgraph dmaud musplay midi2mus Windows Paint
Bugs: The occasional instance of ceiling leakage, mostly on M5, but not where you can see it w/o "no clipping".

Occasional door sounds when no door has been activated on M2 and M8. No big deal.

M6 and M9 are quite large and may require a fast system to run well in net play.

M6, M8, and M9 have enough things that saving may be problematic, even with 1.666. This is part- icularly true at UV; M6 at UV is not saveable until you've gathered a lot of stuff. Except for that case, saving right at the start of these levels should be OK, but I'd also recommend saving right before exiting M3, M5, and M7. These are smaller, and unless you've left all the stuff behind and died a LOT, they should be OK.

M8 has a few bits that, during their brief operation, look really bad. The players should be nowhere near them, however, when they go off.

M8 has crashed the game with a number of curious errors, including P_CrossSubSector and R_Project Sprite. This seems to have been due to excessive sprawl, and is under control so far as I've been able to test. Please alert me if it fails to run for you.

This PWAD requires DOOM 1.666 at least. 1.2 will fail in a number of ways - lots of HOM, moires, and broken savegame buffers on at least M6 and M9. It was attempted with 1.9 "Special", but several textures seemed to be missing from the IWAD. No telling if this will carry on to the release version. It was not tested with 1.9 "normal".
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Even without the coop, this is a creative episode. It actually sorta feels like you're trying to regain control. The coop element really sells it though. The layouts, switches, and monster encounters in the maps actually encourage you to split tasks between the players rather than all mow down the same horde. Oh and if you want 90s alternative in space, the music can be found here: https://www.doomworl d.com/idgames/music/ a41_musx
great coop gameplayx
Impressive! You deserve 4 stars, buddy. - GrayMare.x

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