Title: A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood?
Filename: levels/doom/a-c/abditn.zip
Size: 34.91 KB
Date: 12/31/94
Author: GEM This is my second attempt at a PWAD (Tricky.wad was my first). Again, nothing real fancy here. I
Description: Your blasting away at a Cyberdemon when one of his mega-rockets homes in on you. The explosion is deafening and your senses go numb. What seams like seconds... well mabey hours later you shake your head and pull yourself up. Staring through a hole in the wall in front of you it, looks like episode 3 on the other side. "This has never happened before" you think. Whew!! Safe ... for the moment at least. Turning around you think to yourself "This looks like a normal neighborhood street". Until the first fire ball comes flying at you.

HINTS The scenic storm sewer is a must and be sure to tour the "ZOO". There is an exit but it's someplace you've already been and you can't get there until you complete your "Tour of Duty".
Credits: ID Software, DEU 5.21 (the best & the worst of DOOM editing), DOOMED 2.6b4, BSP
Base: New level from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DEU 5.21 & DOOMED 2.6b4
Bugs: I noticed one small glitch in a crate located in the ZOO store room. If this bothers you, dont look! If you find more, fix it yourself. It's just a game. (My therapist told me to say that).
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Couldnt find some switches. Doors looking like walls got annoying as wellx
Good layout of the level. Good use of textures. Level tends to get boring after awhile of playing. Few parts in there that are confusing.x
Not a shocking level, but still, there are so many better levels out there it would be a waste of time downloading thisx

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