Title: Way Out and Still Doomed (all 9 missions)
Filename: levels/doom/a-c/all-e1.zip
Size: 451.81 KB
Date: 09/04/95
Author: Jonathan K. L. Wood
Description: These are all the missions in an all-new Episode 1, called "Way Out and Still Doomed"-- the mission titles, respectively, are: M1: "Foreward Hold" (f-hold.wad) M2: "Toxin Base" (t-base.wad) M3: "Power Plant" (p-plant.wad) M9: "THE ARMORY" (armory.wad) M4: "Operations" (ops.wad) M5: "Way Station" (station.wad) M6: "Demonic Divide" (divide.wad) M7: "Ritual Dens" (r-dens.wad) M8: "The Palace" (palace.wad) The Storyline for the episode is given below.
Credits: First and Foremost, the creators of DOOM, id Software's 3D-madmen, to all of whom go the credit for allowing us DOOMERS the pleasure of frying demonic butt. Credit also to the creators of DEU, which was the only program used to create these new DOOM adventures. I must also give my special thanks to Bob Burruss, who was kind enough to help me out of a zip-jam, thus enabling me to do anything with all the zipped files I had downloaded from Software Creations' BBS--Thanks again, Bob!
Base: New Level
Build time: the total build time for the episode comes out to just over 120 hours or so; I think the end product is easily worth six days' work....
Editor(s) used: DEU v5.21 ('nuff said!)
Bugs: I must sadly relate that there are still some "INVISIBLE" wall sections on the circular maze in E!M@, the Toxin Base; these, I believe, are caused by the placement of vertices and the proximity of line definitions. I would love to expand the maze until the walls were thick enough to wipe-out this problem, but it's already vastly bigger than its original design! The only other bug I known of is on E1M5, the Way Station, in the large southern courtyard--and that's really a bother to me, because that's one of my favorite areas in the whole episode! There are simply too many 2-sided linedefs involved, and the effect is a "feedback" occuring in the sky; this I have only seen at either extreme end of the area. I believe they rest are all cleared-up, although some of the former humans in The Palace have some of the best hearing I've ever encountered. That level, by the way, is not completed, but I have pushed my puny 386SX33 to the max trying to get anything else into it, and what you have now seems to be the extent of it. Perhaps, when I buy a new 486--which is required to play DOOM 2--I'll be able to squeeze in the last few missing sections of the level; if you see !PALACE!.ZIP on id's BBS, that's what it is. As a trivia bit, the exit at the episode's end was not supposed to exist--the level was first designed to end when you finished killing the big baddies, but that only works on mission 8 of the second and third episodes. You can imagine my confusion when, as I first playtested the final area, I droppped the last enemy,...and nothing happened!
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it deserves 4 stars, if you are pleased to build the pwad yourself... - Jivex
one of the levels kinda look like cock but cool 5/5 x
Bad and unpolished level design, but it felt very atmospheric and old-schoolish to me. 2/5x

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