Title: ALL or None!!!!! why Not?
Filename: levels/doom/a-c/allroy.zip
Size: 433.88 KB
Date: 09/07/95
Author: Matt Davis
Description: A bunch of pretty tough levels I've been working on since Jan 95 and built mostly with Doomcad, because its What I learned on. I made a lot of little fixes with DCK and plan on using it from now on. :)
Credits: Nate Moss (Walker): For almost ALL the great music. Nate also doNATEd ideas when I had none. I ripped off a lot of stuff from him. with his permission of course. :) He also helped me figure out a ton of technical problems I had along the way. I'd say without him this level wouldn't be.

Joe Neske for the Music in e1m7.

ALL: for being nice to me when I met them and for being great musicians up until this last record. If you don't have any All records GO BUY SOME!!!!
Base: New episode from scratch
Build time: Like I said, I started in Jan, so I guess about 8 or 9 months....oh god I need a life.....
Editor(s) used: DoomCad DCK BSP 1.2x RMB dmgraph midi2mus DMMusic
Bugs: Bugs? It's been a long time since we saw a mistake. Nate and I have tested this wad very thoroughly.
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Certainly a mediocre early level set, yet it has some merits. Unlike many bad old WADs, it marks the exits properly and doesn't really use annoying traps or mechanics. It's mostly rather easy to navigate, if somewhat dragging, and the fighting is light but often half decent. The music and graphics are crap so I just deleted everything except the levels. [2/5] ~Chain Mail (03/2013)x
Milo went to college!x
This is just a typical 95 Wad; Horrible design, horrible texture alignment, and just god awful gameplay mechanics.x
Absolutely the worst set of levels I have ever seen. Zero design, zero architecture - endless nondescript single-texture rectangular rooms connected by corridors. This WAD makes 90% of the levels from the preceding year look brilliant. - N_Ax
Too much running around. Way to big sectors in some maps and too time consuming. Way way WAY too easy on UV. Dont get this unless you have a good half hour to waste.x

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