Title: Gates of Anguish
Filename: levels/doom/a-c/anguish.zip
Size: 60.01 KB
Date: 10/30/04
Author: David L. Farrington
Description: After a weekend of R&R, you return to your base to find your unit has not returned from routine maneuvers on Mars. Upon checking in with your CO, you find him a changed person. He only moans, "Despair, Despair, Why did it have to be Despair." Your comrades had been sent to pay a routine visit to UAC's genetics and physics lab knicknamed "Despair" because of its remote location. Grabbing your sidearm, you head for the hanger some call the "Gates of Anguish" to begin your search for the fate of your comrades. Your journey begins with a quick flight to the remote landing pad cut into the red rock. Your shuttle deserts you as the first shots are fired, leaving you no easy way back. From here on, its just you against the denizens of the hellish place.

Please E-Mail me with your comments on CIS. Your comments go a long toward improving my 'work'.
Credits: Raphael Quinet and Brendon J Wyber for the DEU editor Colin Reed for the BSP utility Phil TH [Filthy} for the Doomman front end Blackfist for WADRUN Gary M. Thomas and John A. Warren for playtesting and of course, those great people at id, without which we would not have the pleasure to play DOOM. I would like to thank those great people on CIS for their help and inspirations.
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Horrible even for the 1994 standard... Awful texturing and 255 light level.x
Not totally awful, but not worth playing either. Large, but bland and repetitive with little challenge (maybe play it Tyson style to make it a bit of a challenge?). Large amounts of the map seem to have little reason to exist, beyond simply making the map larger. Way too much humping of walls needed too.x

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