Title: Perdition's Anteroom
Filename: levels/doom/a-c/anteroom.zip
Size: 48.48 KB
Date: 07/27/94
Author: Evan H. Bynum
Description: This is a somewhat large level, so named for its central room with the large spiral staircase, replete with divers* weapons and sundry monsters. All secret doors have slight texture offsets, and there's a computer map behind one of them. I included every weapon at least once, and you'll find each kind of monster save the Cyberdemon and Spiderdemon somewhere in the level.

One room is reminiscent of Raiders of the Lost Ark (hint: lite-amp visors aren't always a good thing to have!). Another has three pillars in it; your selected skill level determines which one is your teleport destination. I have not played every WAD out there, so I think this is the first one to implement such a feature. There are a few wide-open areas suited especially for deathmatch play, and a preponderance of plasma rifles strewn about the level for quick rearming. Every room has at least one exit, including the lava pit outside (i.e., there are no "traps," per se).

If you enjoy this WAD, please email me and let me know what you liked about it, and also where you found this file (I'm curious to see how far its range grows). If you don't like this WAD, don't bother telling me, as I daresay I shan't have much time in grad school to fool around with level creation and fix what you thought I should have done. Finally, if you're a student at Colorado State, please look me up when I get there - I've never been to Colorado and I'd like some fellow Doomers to show me around!
Credits: The knowledgeable chaps who frequent the Doom- editors' mailing list (doom-editing@nvg.unit.no); Matt Tagliaferri, who is both author of DoomCAD and is the (second) biggest Cleveland Indian fan around. Started that Jacob's Field WAD yet, Matt?
Base: New level from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DoomCAD 4.3 for all of the construction (that cut-and-paste template is invaluable). DoomED 2.60b for the texture previewer. BSP12x for node building.
Bugs: Some of the monsters get "stuck" in doorways: they'll just walk into the doorjamb instead of coming after you. This is not all that common an occurrence, but it's darn annoying when it does happen.
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Good effort for 1994, but the stupid crusher part sucks ass. Why didn't he make the light spaces big enough for the player to fit in?? What's more, if you back out, you have to time it just right so the door actually opens! How frustrating. I woulda given 4 if not for this lame part, inexcusable even in 1994.x
It's OK. Good construction and decent gameplay. I enjoyed it.x
This is an old level by a man who claims that his writing "tends more towards the pedantic than the pedestrian", as if pedantry was a virtue. As was the custom in 1994, this is E2M1 rather than E1M1. The level is absolutely unexceptional for 1994, undetailed and pedestrian, although not quite as bad as most. That said, the "Raiders"-inspired trap doesn't work at all (you're supposed to step into lit spaces in order to avoid a crushing ceiling, but the spaces are tiny).x
A very reasonable attempt for a 1994 level 3/5x

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