Title: The Aphexius mines
Filename: levels/doom/a-c/aphexius.zip
Size: 48.62 KB
Date: 08/20/95
Author: Stuart D. Smith
Description: The Aphexius mines takes you on a ride to the pit of hell, down to the depths of the moon of Deimos, A moonwide clean up of all the dead bodies from the Deimos base is in operation, unfortunately, the clean up crew didn't anticipate the danger of the Aphexius mines, surely not all of the bases on deimos are overrun by these monsters they said, a clean up crew went to investigate the place, the poor souls! It's your job to clean the place out. Not an easy job, it's thought that the base is literally swarming with the sods. To top that, you have no base schematics, the base has apparently undergone some pretty major structural changes since the base was inhabited. On top of that, you have nothing but a shotgun and a few shells, and two boxes of pistol ammo. We suspect there are weapons in the base though. The background on the base is like so, it's a base that helped supply the Deimos research base with the necessary raw materials for their research, and to supply power for the base. God knows what happened to the personnel.
Base: New level from scratch.
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DEU 5.21
Bugs: Bad texture placement at a lot of places. Elevators so deep they produce alot of interference with textures when you step off them, not major.
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