Title: Area_Hidden Death2
Filename: levels/doom/a-c/area_hd2.zip
Size: 24.11 KB
Date: 08/05/02
Author: Kyle
Description: My first and probably not last WAD. Just a level I drew up late one night when I couldn't sleep. My levels WILL get better as I learn how to better use the level editor I have chosen. ---Hint--- There are some secret areas you must pass through to complete the level.
Credits: My brother for letting me use his CPU for building this level. Also, to my friends David and Katie. David for wanting me to build levels and Katie for providing the actual game. Last, but not least to the creators of Trinity for this excellent text interface I am using and to the creator/creators of DoomCad v6.1 for making an easy-to-use wad creator with indept tutorials.
Base: Area_Hidden Death (Not Released, had to fix some texture problems)
Build time: About 40 hours
Editor(s) used: DoomCad v6.1, Warm v1.6, TBSP
Bugs: Different cieling texture above teleporters. Maybe some HOMs. Monster fire can go through one wall.
Rating: (4 votes)
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Boring level design, rooms you can get stuck in, bad balancing. Overall, not a good level at all. This one gets a zero.x
I'm sorry that was terrible- no detail, got stuck in rooms without keys- just badx
Very ugly, buggy, almost unplayable. Completion requires finding an "impossible-to-find " door, and the exit itself is just a random linedef placed in a corner somwhere (there's no visual indication of it at all). Lots of places where you can get stuck. Gameplay consists mostly of a couple of big fights in the enormous rooms. If you know what to do, it's easy, if not, expect to struggle. The only thing I liked was an inventive, preventable teleport-into-barrel s trap. --0/5x

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