Title: The Artifact Version 2.1
Filename: levels/doom/a-c/artifact.zip
Size: 417.27 KB
Date: 09/27/04
Author: Paul Schmitz
Description: You've been to hell and back, now it's MILLER time! Unfortunately the officer you pounded earlier is now your new CO. Guess who gets the next S**T detail? While boarding the drop ship, you find out some strange goings-on are happening at a UAC facility in the Andes mountains. It appears that what recently happened on Mars is happening here. People rising from the dead, demons and monsters gnawing the living. Not good!

You are to meet some undercover operatives at the facility who will lead you to a secret base nearby (Something about having to climb a waterfall and navigate some sewers). You here a rumor about the discovery of an alien artifact that supposedly started this whole mess. You also hear a story about a UAC backed raid by a company of storm troopers that failed miserably. The one lone survivor kept babbling about "blowing up a mountain", though not the way they intended.

The drop ship doors open, and you hit the ground running. Great! An entire company of veteran spacers gets wiped out, and they send you in alone with a pistol, just because you did it before.

Fortunately, a reception party is waiting for you. Unfortunately, THIS reception party is not the undercover operatives you were to meet! AMBUSH!
Credits: id Software for making THE BEST GAME IN THE COSMOS: DOOM. Raphael Quinet and Brendon Wyber, the developers of the BEST Doom editor, DEU 5.21 GCC. Collin Reed for the indispensable program BSP 1.2X, and L.W. Witek for Reject 1.0

I would also like to credit Leo Martin Lim for the excellent discovery for invisible platforms which he used in PWAD called "Dooms day of UAC" (UAC_DEAD.WAD). if it wasn't for UAC_DEAD, I would never have taken the plunge into DOOM editing.

Last, but certainly not least, I wish to thank my lovely wife Lynn, who allowed me to pursue my DOOMing pleasure. And, of course, Jonathan and Matthew (my two boys and future DOOM hall of famers).
Base: New three level episode from scratch
Build time: Six months (amongst earning a living, loving my wife and playing with my boys, I squeezed in as much time as I could working on this PWAD).
Editor(s) used: DEU 5.21 GCC version, BSP 1.2X, REJECT 1.0.0
Bugs: On level 3 there is a bug that rarely occurs. Due to the use of the invisible platforms, when they are viewed great distances (well beyond firing range) any "things" (including alive and dead monsters) will disappear from view. This bug does NOT occur during combat , so it is an aesthetic, minor bug. There is a spatial anomaly that does not effect game play, but it couldn't exist in the "real" world. Fixed texture alignment problems found in earlier version. Also moved PWAD to Episode One so the sky looks Earth-like.

Also fixed a bug in level 3 that will now let you finish the WAD to its grisly conclusion (thanks Sean!).
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This reminds me Hexen. Is fun but hard. I couldn't even finish it.x
Still my favorite map wad of all time. Congratz on making such an excellent map.x
Lightning Hunter
Besides the problems mentioned by the reviewers above me, this is quite a great set of maps. It is definitely worthy of being coined a classic. This is probably one of the first set of maps to ever use any sort of continuity between levels - that is, having parts of the levels you already beat in the next level.x
Three levels (E1M1 - E1M3) dated May 1995; the Doom II versions, at id=6380, are amongst Doomworld's ten best wads of 1995. The maps are large and complex, with lots of monsters for 1995. E1M1 is marred by a dark maze that requires you to find unmarked secrets in darkness; E1M2 is great fun, still hard today; E1M3 overuses the "crystal sector" effect and is violent but not much fun. Overall it suffers from Doom I's weak shotgun, and of course there's no proper end.x
One of the truly great classic WADs of all time. Play it now if you haven't yet!x
problem 1. blue key is in hidden place 2. some switch is hidden 3. 2nd level is started with no weapon and very hardx
A classic, by one of the all-time great mappers. Try the Doom2 and Boom versions too.x

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