Filename: levels/doom/a-c/asdoom.zip
Size: 289.19 KB
Date: 02/16/95
Author: Andy Sheppard
Description: Welcome to ASDOOM, nine new levels for registered DOOM (effectively a whole new episode). The files that are in this archive are all that you need to extend your enjoyment of DOOM for many, many more hours!

To make life as easy as possible for beginners a batch file is included to run all of the levels for you. Simply make sure that all of the files from this archive are in your DOOM directory then type ASDOOM to play (but read the rest of this file first). :)

As I put together the levels in ASDOOM I was particularly keen to put the tension and fear back into playing DOOM - there are some places where even I get uneasy, and I know where everything is! If you have access to a modem let me know how you think I got on (see CONTACTING THE AUTHOR below).

The quality of the levels improves steadily as you play. The first level was literally my first effort and, although extremely playable, doesn't look so hot when you compare it to the later ones. Levels two and three become increasingly respectable and from level four onwards you'll think that you've died and gone to heaven. Persevere with levels one to three though; it's worth it just to keep the play-balance right.

Finding ASDOOM's secret level will take a bit of work, and only experienced DOOMers should take a trip there. Visiting the secret level on UV is like sipping cyanide - dangerously detrimental to your health. It is repectfully suggested that you save your game before doing anything hasty (like moving).
Credits: Thanks firstly to all at ID for giving us DOOM in the first place and for showing what a PC can do, given a bit of encouragement.

Thanks also to Geoff Allan, the person responsible for writing the DOOM editor used in the production of these levels. For reference, I am now using version 2.6 beta 1 of Geoff's DoomEd for Windows, available from good BBS's everywhere.

Credit also goes to Colin Reed, author of the BSP DOOM nodebuilder (this useful program "repairs" dodgy .WAD files and is REALLY handy if you are designing levels yourself).

Thanks also to all of those people who mailed me feedback on the earlier levels. I have listened very carefully to everything that you said and asked for, and I hope you find it here. Mail me again and let me know.

Finally thanks to my wife, Christina. She hasn't been pleased but she has always been patient as she watched me squander three months of our married life producing these levels. I keep telling her that it was worth it.
Build time: I've worked long and hard on these levels (about forty hours EACH)
Editor(s) used:
Bugs: Hardly any, actually. These levels need a fairly powerful machine to get the very best from them - 486DX and 8Mb RAM recommended, 100Mhz Pentium with 128 Mb RAM preferred (just kidding). If your PC is struggling a bit please either reduce the size of the playing window (by pressing "-") or decrease the detail level (by pressing "F5").

You may very occasionally experience slight graphical breakups in large rooms, despite all my efforts to get rid of them. They do no harm, so just kill everything in sight and go somewhere else where it doesn't happen. :)

Also, I'm aware of the fact that if you go to the secret level and complete it you end up back at the start of the level that you just left (confusing enough for you?). Look upon this as a chance to restock your ammo before you move on to the next level (play-balance has been adjusted accordingly) or simply don't go to the secret level in the first place - your choice!
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These maps contain plenty of "super empty massive bland hallways" that we associat with 1994, but it also has some genuinely cool looking rooms and ideas. I can see this was actually quite good for it's time.x
Minimalistic architecture - but great playability. A good WAD to study for beginner map makers on how to avoid the pitfalls of trying to put too much in a map. Well worth downloading.x
Middle of the line here for me. I say neither horrible nor good for today's standards. Maybe tilted slightly below average, but not horrible. Might easily be 2 stars if it was modern but old date guarantees a 3. 3/5x
No reason why this still shouldn't be famous. It's a good solid wad. E1M8 does of course have an exit - you really don't think this would have been realized back then?x
This WAD used to be famous. Much pwad is dreadful. Easy fights, ultra-bland architecture, misaligned textures, impossible to find secrets, keys hidden behind secret doors, etc. But Andy Sheppard managed some cool rooms on Level 4 and 5, and some hot fights here and there. I give it 3 stars for some of the clever parts, a generous score given the manifest faults of this WAD, especially the use of rising floors instead of lifts, and the Phobos Anomaly that has no exit. -- Steve Duff 4/28/2011x

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