Title: REVENGE OF ASMODEOUS Episode One - Mission One
Filename: levels/doom/a-c/asmo1_1.zip
Size: 27.57 KB
Date: 04/13/07
Author: Marty
Description: Play DOOM D&D style! This is Episode One - Mission One of a whole new DOOM Adventure
Base: New from scratch
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Rating: (5 votes)
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Could be better.x
The ending was so cheap and pathetic.x
Good: There's an exit. Bad: Key to exit door hidden in secret room that's impossible to backtrack to if you miss it; Horrible paper-thin-walled maze that doesn't show on map; Too many supplies; Fake switch used to lure player into inescapable pit; No texture aligning; Tutti-frutti error; Almost all lines are at right angles; Most rooms mono-textured with no height or lighting variance. Weird: That one indoor tree. Overall: DEPRESSINGLY bad. Avoid at all costs. 0/5 -VVx

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