Filename: levels/doom/a-c/at_work.zip
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Date: 07/01/94
Author: Bradley Allen
Description: This level is based on my work place. Its pretty accurate except for the northern part of the building. I took an artistic detour here, there would have been too many 2 sided linedefs in this area with all the machinery. This level is huge! Really Big! If you take your time you can get through no problem. There is plenty of ammo and health kicking around. Even for Multi Player. I like killing Barons so ... there are a few.
Credits: The makers of DOOM ... id software! The authors of Deu 5.21GCC and all previous versions. The author of BSP11.exe and to the person that ported IDBSP.exe I owe a debt of thanks! Well done guys! and um ... Girls? :)
Base: New level from scratch.
Build time: Damn long time! Worked on it off and on for 2 months.
Editor(s) used: deu 5.1, 5.21, 5.21GCC, BSP11x.exe, IDBSP.exe
Bugs: No bugs! No HOM! ( I lied, I did find HOM but you have to stand in a particular spot, and it is not very big! ) Betcha you don't find it! - You can save this game now. Originally I had so many THINGS in it that it would crash when trying to save it. I figure the number of THINGS that you can have in a wad is about 500. I had it to 540 and it still crashed so now the number of THINGS is down to about 498. - Please if you find any bugs drop me a note! - If you like this Level drop note. This is an actual work place.
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Spot on; the level design is full of misaligned textures, teleports and doors and so on. It's fun to play, though, but only if you dash around the level first, to wake the monsters up. It gets an extra star for being based on a person's workplace but NOT including toilets. I have to assume the designer works in a giant power plant. Spookily, a Google image search for Bradley Allen turns up the gravestone of someone who lived from 1971 to May 1994, just before this came out.x
Strictly amateur night in terms of architecture, but the gameplay's there. The vast amount of small rooms give the map a maze-like feel, so get ready to check your automap often! Lots of goodies, ammo and health, a little too much actually -- I found myself close to 200/200 almost all the time. A fun Cyber fight and some nice secrets bring up the fun factor. Progression is highly non-linear, but thankfully the keys are easy to find (only red and blue are needed). Enjoyable 15 minutes. --3/5x

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