Title: Attack!
Filename: levels/doom/a-c/attack.zip
Size: 647 KB
Date: 06/25/97
Author: Justin Madigan
Description: For years, scientists have played around with teleports and such, but now, one scientist, considered to be insane, has made what we thought was mad. He found a gateway between time, a "Time Slip". This allows you to travel back in time, and then come back to where you began, walk into the time slip chamber, press the button, and ZAP! you're back in the present. One problem. The teleports, as you may know, (if you read readme.exe in Doom) have unleashed some of the most hideous creatures ever. Those cannibal mutations are getting through the teleport statios, and entering the "Time Slips". Since then people have been disappearing rapidly. So has some shops and buildings. The Demons must be killing people in the past, which is effecting the future. A Marine, like you, is sent to spy on the enemies. He was killed and hung by a chain, as his last words were: "You b*st*rds! [click click] What? [more clicking] Oh sh*t! My gun...get away from me with that!! [clanking of chains and choking noises] Please!" [transmission cut] That spy was useful, though, he told that they had a whole castle under control. They've put up glass windows to check on the prison cells without trouble. They've through of everything. Except for the fact that someone can get to them through the time slip. You are sent through the time slip, and are to destroy these hellspawns. Your main task is: Attack! (See end of Text for Mission 2 story)
Credits: The ID crew, for the coolest games! Raphael Quintet & Brendon Wyber for Deu5.21(good!) NWT guy Maker of gangster.wad (music)
Base: New level from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Deu 5.21, NWT.
Bugs: Level 1: Glass doesn't break on 2nd sidedef. for best effect, shoot glass when you find it. You can get stuck if you hit switches too fast. Take 'em slow and you'll be fine. Level 2: DO NOT ENTER THE ICKWALL BUILDING WITHOUT HITTING ALL SEVEN OF THE SWITCHES IN EACH OF THE BUILDINGS! YOU'LL GET STUCK! If you do get stuck, type idspispopd for walk thru walls. TO turn off the effect, type idspispopd again.
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I get stuck ._.x
lol @ plot.x
w00t, this is badx
July 1996 was quite late for a Doom-only level, so you think that this would be a pinnacle of slickness. But it's not. Its miseries are numberful, but there's a cramped layout, a stuck imp quite near the beginning, missing textures, bits that don't work etc, to start with.x

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