Title: awayteam.wad
Filename: levels/doom/a-c/awayteam.zip
Size: 35.8 KB
Date: 10/02/94
Author: Joshua William Underhill Junderhi@spu.edu
Description: This is my first and only wad. The theme is evident in the title.
Credits: Credits to me, myself and I. Oh ya and to whoever made the wad called Shuttle.wad because I copied his ship's bridge.
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: One Summer
Editor(s) used: Doomcad -thanx Matthew for the Subscript out of range!
Bugs: strange wall texures pop up in the room from starwars.
Rating: (5 votes)
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Above average for its time. The architecture is varied and not square, but the texturing is sloppy and there's multiple themes. The progression is good, but a mandatory secret is needed (not the worst I've seen, though) and the level can be completed early due to a trick. Still, for 1994 and the guy's first wad, it's great. 3.5/5x
an epic area near the end reminded me of Star Wars--very cool. Strange things happen in the map that keep up the interest.x
This is dated September 1994; you fight 118 mostly weak monsters in a compact, random techbase / dungeon / reactor / swamp-type map. It's not bad fun although a bug means you can easily hop onto the exit teleport and finish the level in about 30 seconds. It needed more testing; you have to find an unmarked, non-obvious secret to get the blue key, and there are several bits where you fall into inescapable slime. It's slightly better than average for 1994.x
Surprisingly challenging and inventive, for such and old map. Clever traps and secrets, very enjoyable gameplay, and the cool "Star Wars" section (you'll know what I'm talking about when you see it) make up for the flaws: some very mixed architecture with many style clashes, and non-existing texture alignment. Progression is logical, but unless you know how to play the map, you'll be a little short on ammo, so be sure to save some whenever you can. Fine map. --4/5 x

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