Title: Barfight WAD
Filename: levels/doom/a-c/barfight.zip
Size: 21.05 KB
Date: 04/13/07
Author: Jon Stern
Description: Barfight WAD by Jon Stern If you like it send E-MAIL to :


Thanx, Happy Drinking and shooting
Base: New from scratch
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Rating: (2 votes)
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A very short wad from 1994.x
Good: Texture themes are mostly consistent; Some room detail; Texture alignment mostly okay. Bad: Very brief with only Imps as enemies; Repetitive texturing and room layout (the level is almost completely symmetrical) leads to difficult navigation; More supplies than you will EVER need; Secret doors are practically invisible without using the map (and don't tally as secrets); Some ugly, misaligned scrolling textures. Overall: What was the point? 1/5 -VVx

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