Title: BARREL2.WAD (Barrel Version 2.0)
Filename: levels/doom/a-c/barrel2.zip
Size: 54.12 KB
Date: 05/12/94
Author: Cameron Newham
E-mail: cam@iinet.com.au
Description: "No.... please. Not the Barrel! Anything but the Barrel.. No! Not the Barrel! Not the Barrellllllll!"

Welcome to Barrel - I hope it gives you nightmares. Certainly, if you have a machine slower than a 486 then you take your chances with this WAD as a few areas have quite complex detail.

I certainly had fun making this one (and playing it). You'll find a couple of references to Scream.Wad - so if you've played that, it might help. Then again it might not.

As usual, this *can* be done without cheating.

* Barrel2 is an updated version of the original WAD. I have changed a few small things and fixed a playability bug in "Hurt me plenty". I've also added a secret.

Any problems - email me.
Credits: David Quin-Conroy for testing the first room. Various people on IRC #doom, who prompted strange thoughts - especially about acid and 150 light spectres :) Raphael Quinet for DEU 5.1 Warner Bros. cartoons.
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: 30+ hours
Editor(s) used: DEU 5.0 and BSP1.1 (90%), DEU 5.1b4 (last 10%)
Bugs: None that I know of.
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I'm not impressed by any thing within this wad, except, of course, it's venerable age. /hth PS: use your saves - it is what they are for. x
Totally legendary. http://www.doom2.net /doom2/research/thin gs.htmlx
Urgh. The first room beat me. I can see the trick - you're supposed to nudge a barrel with your pistol over a lift trigger - but it doesn't work. Using IDCLIP I find that the rest of the level is a maze, full of no-escape slime pits, and the "puzzles" are either irritating or involve nudging barrels with your pistol. Probably clever for 1994, but no enjoyment value at all.x
it has some difficult puzzle and not enough weapon..Maybe can't clear this game with normal doom.x
this is the legendary barrel. play it now! `Csonicgox

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