Title: What Lurks Beneath Base12?
Filename: levels/doom/a-c/base12.zip
Size: 190.75 KB
Date: 11/16/04
Author: Scott Tingley (E2M1), Wesley Leong (E2M2, E2M3)
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mazes and switch hunts. Ho hum.x
Definately a good map set, considering its age. x
Definately these maps have aged 'well' compared to other maps. Sure, at times the traps get annoying, and the maze is frusterationg, but i believe it is a good wad that deserves some recognition. 4 stars.x
This wad has 3 Doom1 maps, but ZDoom crashes with map 03, so I can only refer to maps 01 and 02 here. They're quite large and have some originality, given the fact that they're from 1994. But of course, the maps are highly underdetailed and gameplay is quite challenging but avarage at most. Play it for historic reasons. 2.5/5 -Milianx
Three maps. E2M1: Starts out as a fun base, ending is a poor hellish maze. A retarded crusher trap in the middle (shoot the door!), save all the ammo you can for the ending if you want 100% kills. E2M2: Mostly greyish caverns. Poor start, but latter parts are well done and fun. 100% kills impossible (because of the start). E2M3: Start is hellish with some cool traps, ends with a massive boss battle with lots of ammo and powerups. All in all: Reasonable challenge, sometimes fun, not bad. --3/5x

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