Title: Ben (don't ask me why, I only designed it!)
Filename: levels/doom/a-c/ben.zip
Size: 61.27 KB
Date: 08/09/95
Author: Mike Weaver
Description: This is my second level and I am quite pleased with it overall. It's based (loosely) on where I work with a few additions. There are some nice puzzles and some nasty surprises. There are also plenty of secrets to find. Generally, if something is hard to do, there should be a secret around which can help, so keep alert! If you like this level, try my first level (CARREG.WAD) which is fairly similar.
Credits: Dave Singer and Nick Townsend for much needed help at times!
Base: New level from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: EdMap V1.4 (new, improved and still easy to use)
Bugs: None
Rating: (6 votes)
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It's not my style.x
I kind of liked it. The aforementioned "problems" from the previous review weren't really an issue for me; the necessary switch in the switch room had a different face on it that made it stand out, and the Exit sign was directly across from the boxes that are outside of the exit room. The only issue I had was the walkway that falls away before the teleporter leading to the exit area...x
Although this is based on the author's place of work, it's not obvious. It looks like a standard early Doom level, put together with more care than most, although it's a bit dull and anonymous. The biggest strike against it are some obtuse puzzles (to get the blue key you have to flick a switch in a room textured throughout with switches, and to open the exit you have to shoot an unexceptional exit sign). Otherwise it has plenty of action, although it doesn't really stand out.x
The map is set in a beautiful base (in an old-school way), with mostly aligned textures (if they're not, then it's usually a hidden door). The fights are never hard, but it's very fun, so you don't really mind. The real strength here is the strong sense of location -- you can walk in and around buildings, and there's a lot of interconnectivity. The secrets are very clever, and there are many cool tricks you have to find to progress (even to exit!). Fine map, recommended. --4/5x

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