Filename: levels/doom/a-c/bigmaze2.zip
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Date: 11/20/04
Author: Anonymous
Description: It's fun.
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A big scribble map with bad lighting, bad texturing, far too many power-ups and no exit. I guess this was designed for deathmatch.x
Pointless just-a-bunch-of-line s map. Quite primitive architecture with a lot of copy & paste. Only a few textures used, lots of misalignments, ugly doors, missing textures, a door with a sky texture as floor. No decoration, no ambiance. No gameplan, no keys, just walking around searching for an exit - which isn't there... Way too much weapons, ammo & health. Overall: far below the average 1994 map. Off-topic: don't mention the usual 5* legendary trolls.x
This is dated May 1994. It's for Ultimate Doom (the readme implies that there is a Doom II version, and that this is it; it's not). It's awful. The map resembles a random doodle, with a large dark maze that leads to a couple of arenas; there's no theme, masses of health and ammo, no theme, and also no exit. As a single-player level it's pointless, as a deathmatch level it would be too cramped and dark. Not to be confused with id=12983, which is also terrible.x
shut up with this bullshit "updated in*OMFG*x
stop this wads updated in 2932x

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