Title: Bites the dust
Filename: levels/doom/a-c/bitedst2.zip
Size: 33.03 KB
Date: 11/20/04
Author: Scott McCreary
Description: Includes a jail, a pit, a cage, and bridges.
Credits: Ray Tolksdorf for testing this level
Base: New from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Deu 5.21, DoomEd
Bugs: None that I know of.
Rating: (6 votes)
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I enjoyed it: there is a lot of monsters and stuff to kill them with, cool outdoor area, nice "3D" environment at the start, funny music.x
pretty dumb and easy. music is stupid.x
This is from June 1994. It includes "a jail, a pit, a cage, and bridges", according to the readme - I only saw one bridge. The level starts off indoors, with an angular and poorly-textured 1994 sort-of techbase (without much tech). Then you go outside. There's a cyberdemon in an enclosed space, but you have a BFG, masses of ammo, and invincibility if you're quick. The level is absolutely no fun to play or look at or think about or write about; it's just very bland.x
Hey, at least the music is cool 2/5x

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