Title: bleah!
Filename: levels/doom/a-c/bleha.zip
Size: 54.74 KB
Date: 12/16/06
Author: Walter "Daimon" Confalonieri
Description: A classic style map, mostly inspired from the level "Spawning Vats".
Credits: ID, for the fancy game! My Family My insanity Author of the midi i used for this map Laetitia Casta
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 4 hours maybe
Editor(s) used: wintex 4.3 and XWE for graphic and music works Doombuilder for maps Paint for editing the titlepic
Bugs: only a misaligniment whit prboom 2.4.0 and Legacy
Rating: (7 votes)
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This is dated December 2006. It feels like a very accurate synthesis of level design elements circa 1994, but it's entertaining to play, with no obvious jokewad elements apart from the titlescreens and music. Only 51 baddies, and it's very easy, especially the final battle (which has a typically convoluted 1994-style build-up). It's better-looking than most 1994 levels, with one or two relatively modern elements, but it's still not much of a looker.x
I'll buck the (evident) tide here and say that this is actually a pretty decent wad. I've played this author's wads before, and he has this interestingly merry sensibility to his work. The initial fights are pretty good as well, as you find yourself blasting away with a mere pistol at bigass monsters.x
So lemme see if I've got this clear in my mind. in spite of the obvious hints that this is a jokewad, like the song, or the titlepic, at least one person took this seriously. Tsk.x
"bleah!" indeed. 0/5x
The music is as bad as the level design and the starting area is somewhat similar to e2m7. A low effort map.x
When I loaded this wad up, the title screan made me laugh and I thought I was in for a good jokewad. Turns out that the map is a 1994 style wad with pretty good gameplay and areas simmilar to the original E2M7. You go through an E2 base, collect 3 keys and head outside. Then go back to the exit room, press a switch and fight two Cyberdemons. Once the map is complete there is a pic of a female saying something about, hmmm. 2/5 -PCx

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