Title: The Bridge
Filename: levels/doom/a-c/bridge.zip
Size: 4.1 KB
Date: 08/20/94
Author: Justin Ward
Description: A simple little bridge (sorta). It works like one
Credits: Somebody on CIS, who posted a message asking about bridge possibilities and gave me the idea
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: I was still learning DEU, and so it took WAY longer than it should have. Oh well. I didn't clock myself.
Editor(s) used: Deu 5.1 and BSP 1.1x -- I made it a while ago
Bugs: I don't think there are any, but I forget
Rating: (5 votes)

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It's possible to make the sector move much faster than that, although perhaps that's only in Doom2. This is pointless to play these days, a few shotgunners and a bunch of guns laying around. Zzzz..x
Even for 1994 this is rubbish - it looks nothing like any bridge I've seen! 1/5x

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