Title: bs_l22
Filename: levels/doom/a-c/bs_l22.zip
Size: 42.43 KB
Date: 08/09/94
Description: This level bs_l22 is for shores of hell level 2. The theme includes many outdoor areas including a very interesting patio area with multiple levels and transporters. The difficulty levels should be considered higher than the normal game as I have become bored with the lack of carnage in regular doom. This level is set up to be played for death match as well as there is plenty of ammo available
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Not as impressive as L21 but still pretty good. The distinctive red-and-metal theme makes this map an instant standout among the sea of average 1994 WADs.x
Looks like a heavily modified bs_l21. This isn't quite as good as that map, though, but it still looks all right, and the fun gameplay doesn't hurt, either. Some bad parts, especially a darkened maze-like area with ambushing pinkies, and not as many cool parts, even though I did like the Caco fights. Well worth a download, especially for all nostalgia hunters. --3/5x

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