Title: Calgon, Take me away!
Filename: levels/doom/a-c/calgon.zip
Size: 114.25 KB
Date: 04/06/96
Author: Keith Hickman
Description: Built for Ultimate Doom v1.9 Map based on my workplace. run on E1M1
Credits: id for The Ultimate DooM, Olivier Montanuy for Wintex Matt Tagliaferri for DoomCAD 6.1 Jack Vermeulen for DeeP 7.5 node builder Renaud Paquay for WinDEU Jens Hykkelbjerg for RMB John Krutke for sky texture
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: 100+ Hrs (lots of trial and error)
Editor(s) used: DoomCAD 6.1, Deep 7.5 for Nodes,RMB for reject map Wintex 4.1 for additional graphics, DEU for merging.
Bugs: Not really a bug but you will experience a slowdown in game play in one sector due to too many two sided line defs or near visual plain overflow(pushing Doom engine to the max) I you have a pentium you may not notice it. I did on my 486/33.
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oh yes it is! I found it charming and also quite fun maintaining a foothold, plus the idea that you needed the BFG behind the red door to beat the Spiderdemon was really cool. it plays like Doom - it still has cupboard traps, sniping monsters from elevated positions, the floor strewn with health kits and ammo and what-have-you.x
Map was WAY to big....x

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