Filename: levels/doom/a-c/castevil.zip
Size: 343.15 KB
Date: 10/27/94
Author: Stanley Stasiak, (lordwlfie on IRC)
Description: Castle of Evil. (previously released in beta form as ss27bet2.wad)

First of all let me say... This is bloody *HUGE* 8) I've been working on this for a long time since most of the earlier editors couldn't handle a large level like this one.

Made for sp, coop or dm (I aim to please.)

It's pretty open with only a few doors requiring keycards. Other doors may require a switch. There are peep holes and ambush spots almost everywhere for happy deathmatch. But open spaces are also provided for those all out battles.

Most heavy firepower is heavily guarded by monsters or hidden. The only easy weapon to get in single player mode is the shotgun. All the weapons are present.

This level is mostly hack, slash, ambush + puzzle type.

For more information consult the other .txt files in this archive.

There now go kill something... Send me some hate mail.
Credits: id software for making doom (also I reproduced a small part of e1m4 for this)

Raphael & Co. for making DEU. (DEU still rulez! blah just try and load this in waded or edmap muhahaha! ;) ... although doomed might handle it.. when its out)

Colin Reed for making BSP 1.2

Jens Hykkelbjerg for making RMB 2.0 (400% speed increase on UV @95% efficiency, oh my lord!)

Thanks a bunch to slug for the waterfall texture... (mari0018@gold.tc.umn.edu) mail him if you want to rip it for your own projects, ya hear! ... and for the single mode demos.

Thanks to O-Sensei & Co. for producing a DM demo/lmp (O-Sensei Red, Kluster Indigo, Yak Brown & Psychosis Green)

Thanks to all my Single Player mode beta testers: Creeper, slug, Deviant, lotlhwI 'lokWEE, johndoe Benjos, Europia, and all the other guys on IRC.
Base: New level from scratch (small section (dejavu) reproduced to match a section of e1m4)).
Build time: Long long, way too long. Started in April '94 Stopped many times because of memory restrictions of editors and coz I only had 4Mb b4.
Editor(s) used: DEU (from 4.31 to 5.21gcc ... yes 4.31 was useful in debugging node errors of DEU 5.0, in early stages) BSP12x for nodes rebuilding. RMB 2.0 for reject table and special ambush effects.
Bugs: You'll see HOM if you're using v 1.2 of doom so use v 1.666 or 1.7 ... or whichever is the latest one now. You can't save on this level. Its just too complex for doom. It will crash the savegame buffer if you try. Sorry but I tried ... :(
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One of the best early levels focusing on exploration. Slightly ugly by today's standards yet extremely atmospheric and well worth playing for the non-linear adventure that follows. Highly recommended.x
OMG In those 1994 days I've played about 3500-4000 levels, and SS27BET2, a remake of E1M4, belonged to my top favourites. Sadly it had an awful lot of bugs, and looked unfinished. Two decades later I found this final version... and was unexpectedly much pleasantly surprised with the polished gameplay and the extensions. Overall, rated as a 1994 map: solid 5* - legendary, and an absolute MUST-play. IOW: top stuff.x
This is dated October 1994. It's an extraordinary achievement for the period - 508 baddies in an enormous castle that seems to go on forever, with a nicely varied set of environments. It's large even by 2010 standards and must have sorely tested the 486 DX2s of 1994. The gameplay is understandably wandery although I enjoy that kind of thing; but it's mind-boggling that this came out in 1994. Heartbreakingly the author seems to have given up after this.x
Huge, ugly, but AWESOME level from 1994. Seriously, it took me nearly an hour to complete this. But man, you NEED to play this pwad. It's the best underrated wad of 1994. 4/5x
I was addicted to this for years. It may look old-fashioned. The overall game play mnakes up for it.x
Very large and a bit aimless, although it's a pleasant enough wander around (it's very impressive for 1994, though). For some reason there's a mini-homage to the first bit of E1M4, which was odd to stumble upon. Too big and unfocused to work really well (it's more like the setting for a MMORPG), but it's decent.x
This level is HUGE. Lots of exploring. Not very good looking technically, there's misalignments and such, but that's to be expected from a level this old. However the ugliness is somewhat balanced with some quite nice large scale scenes, and interesting designs. Did I say this level is huge? - Espix

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