Title: The Mystery of the Marie Celeste
Filename: levels/doom/a-c/celeste.zip
Size: 98.53 KB
Date: 03/15/95
Author: Mark Mackey
Description: The year: 1943 The place: Somewhere in the northern Atlantic. The situation: Grim.

Alone in the middle of the Atlantic. You knew in your heart that it was the end when the escort, the HMS Marianna, picked up three U- boats on the sonar. The Teela Dan didn't have a chance: the torpedoes split her wide open and she sank within seconds. You were lucky enough to launch one of the liferafts before she went down, but the others who dived overboard all died in agony when the fuel slick went up.

You were hoping that the Marianna got an SOS away before she too went down, but no rescue ships have appeared and your water supply has nearly run out. You are almost resigned to a lonely death on the high seas, when...

Wait! Is that.. Yes, it's a ship! An old one, by the looks of it, since it's running under sail. Luckily the breeze is very light, and you manage to paddle the raft into its course. However, nobody on board is responding to your hails. Strange... what's the name of the ship? You squint, and can just make out the name 'Marie Celeste'. The Marie Celeste? Wasn't that the ship that was found mysteriously abandoned years and years ago? What the hell is it doing here? Well, there's only one way to find out!

Grabbing the pistol from the emergency stores locker, you pull alongside and climb the rope ladder....
Credits: Id, the authors of DEU, Wacker, BSP11X, RMB and WAD_DWD, and my friends for playtesting.
Base: New level from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DEU (5.21 GCC version), BSP11X, WAD_DWD/IDBSP, RMB, Wacker, Deluxe Paint II, Graphics Workshop, PicLab (I've got too much HD space, obviously :).
Bugs: An occasional tiny bit of HOM in v1.2 from the very rear of the ship. (sigh) :). Some of the inter-level connections are also a bit dodgy: in particular, none of the enemies will pursue a player up or down stairs (they are apparently too steep).
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walter confalonieri
A nice 95 level sets on a boat... Some details like the wood boxes are pretty cool..x
Sui Generis
A realistic '94 era depiction of a wooden ship, with multiple levels, pretty fine detailing and trivial gameplay. It is not nearly as impressive today as it would have been at the time. It's interesting to have a look at, and the furniture, the galley (with stove!) and store room are kind of cute, but with merely a handful of imps and former humans in small rooms the gameplay is barely worth mentioning. Oh, and the new sky seems far too cheerful for the mood the author aimed for. A historical curiosityx
That's an interesting old wad.x
This map sets a great mood, as you're placed on the old haunted brig "Mary Celeste". There's no excessive detail, yet you feel like you're on a ship, complete with a mast, the crew's quarters and a hold (with UAC crates!). Silent teleporters give a feeling of 3D. The gameplay is where this map suffers... there are merely a handful of monsters that are easily taken care of, and the ending monster teleporter is more than a little slow. Almost a 4, but not quite. --3/5x

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