Title: Chanesaw
Filename: levels/doom/a-c/chanesaw.zip
Size: 123.33 KB
Date: 01/29/97
Author: Stephen Huff
Description: The bad news is you are in hell. The good news is you have a chainsaw that never runs out of gasoline. Your problem to cut your way through hell until you find a way out. Sounds like the leadin to a TV show doesn't it. Each week watch as out intrepid space marines cut their way through another part of hell. Seeking the exit that will eventually get them out. In order to get character interaction. You do it in coop mode. Have the guys at ID software do the voices of the players with faces animated against standard doom textures. Record the action scenes from the doom wad as it is played in coop mode by three to four players. Cut between animation of conversation and the action as scene by the players to make the final cut of the show. Do a different wad each week. You could make it in your home on a strong pc with a really good interface board. Invite military people to design wads that illustrate small group tactics and weapons choice based on enemy and terrain. Invite ministers to write sermons based on the faults and vices of demons and how terrible a place hell is, and you could get both the militia, 2nd amendment people and Christian fundamentalists to tune in every week. Include a magazine sub, with a monthly disk containing the wads to be played in upcoming shows of the series, so the watchers can play through first and then compare their method of taking the wad to the one on the show when it comes up. Talk about your interactive tv. Wow, you come up with some strange ideas when you are bored. OK. I decided to write some wad files because I was bored. Day one. Trying to follow the lessons in secrets of the doom programming gurus step by step. NOGO. So, I stopped at lesson one and spent the entire day practicing drawing singleroom sectors. No changes in elevation, no doors, no lifts. The only special linetype in the wad is the exit switch. Play is based on narrow tight terrain with monsters around the corner and in the next room. The chainsaw is the weapon of choice in this terrain. Use it. Day two, still practicing drawing sectors, this time with changes in floor height and setting sectors inside of sectors. One really big abyss with lots of platforms at different heights. Weapon of choice, the rocket Launcher, try shooting the muzzle flashes of the cacodemons as they shoot at you from the darkness. If they get close enough to see them, they are almost close enough for the explosion from the rocket to hurt you. Move fast shoot hard, and get out. Day three. Practice with special sectors, doors, crushing ceilings, crushing floors, one teleport. Lines that open secret doors. Lots of no humans signs. Weapon of choice, shotgun, chainsaw, rocket launcher, plasma gun. Enjoy. Day four. Waded crashed and wads saved would crash doom. Loaded a wad from wadcat1 and removed everything but one chamber and built on that. This worked. Key weapons chainsaw, shotgun, demon fratricide and crushing ceilings. Also rocket launcher. But watch out. Day five, afraid waded would crash, so built behind the blue door sector of day 4 wad. Pretty blue scenery. Interesting surprise at end. Day six. Starting to get good. Emphasis on chainsaw and infighting. Close tight terrain with enemies coming out of the walls. Must use demon fratricide to make it to exit. Interesting use of terrain to limit cyberdemons firing effectiveness. Day Seven. Effort to maximize 3d effects of doom space. Several footballfields big terrain with four different sets of passages and chambers at different levels crossing each other. Lost souls have amazing freedom of movement due to vertical shafts. Textures used on elevation 2 so gross messed my stomach. Nasty tough vision of industrial hell. Weapons used, everything, but especially the chaingun. Day eight, finished day seven. I don't know if I will ever write another wad. This was fun but exhausting. I tried logging on to the bbs listed in waded but couldn't. Oh, well.

The six days have been combined using wadmerge into one episode of six missions for doom1. SInce they were originally written as stand alone wads, they may have a little more ammo and powerups than you need, but six fairly large levels to play through should entertain for a few hours. Its better than tv anyway.
Credits: The authors of Waded and Secrets of Doom Gurus.
Base: New levels from scratch
Build time: 8 days, approximately 80 to 100 hours.
Editor(s) used: WADED 1.83
Bugs: Savegame on day 3 wad. Works well during play, but hangs the computer past the blue door if you quit doom and come back in.
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"Put any big story at the end".x
Good: Lots of monsters to fight; Some texture consistency; A few nasty traps. Bad: TONS of style errors, with many doors that look like walls, some levels with no height changes, required keys/triggers in secret rooms, AWFUL tutti-frutti, inescapable sludge pits, a sludge maze, unpegged textures, some traps visible on the map, and lots of pointless rooms. Overall: Ugly and amateurish, but the challenge makes it, at least, playable. 1/5 -VVx

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