Title: Satan's Hell Hole
Filename: levels/doom/a-c/cheese.zip
Size: 313.74 KB
Date: 09/12/94
Author: Matthew G. Hooper
Description: This is my third and what I think is my best Wad. Plenty of graphics changes as well as a nice layout for all modes. Single or Multi Player.

The other Wads I've done were made with only single players in mind. I've taken the time to add all the things I like in a good Deathmatch Wad as well as keeping it interesting for single players. You'll find lots of windows, hiding places, and fair deathmatch starts. I recommend Deathmatch with no monsters. When I first tested it in Deathmatch mode I feared the size(Huge) would make Deathmatch frustrating but it worked out fine. We averaged about a Frag every 1.5 mins to 2 mins which isn't bad

There is an aggrevating transporter puzzle which will frustrate many. If you use your mind(it's a terrible thing to waste) it can be easily solved. Or just keep transporting until you see the transporter with the Blue Armor.

I finished the Level with no problems in about 21 mins. Of course it's not going to be nearly that easy for you because I made it. Use the save early and often.

Well enjoy the Wad and send comments so I can make better Wads in the future.
Credits: Gwydian@AOL.COM - thanks for the cool gif of satan's skull It took a little editing but came out great.

Anthony Peters - thanks for the great midi backwtr.mid Backwater by the Meat Puppets
Base: New level from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DEU5.21gcc [* THE BEST DOOM EDITOR *] BSP1.2 DMGRAPH1.1 Midi2Mus
Bugs: No Known Bugs
Rating: (15 votes)
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Its an Awesome map for its era...x
For a 1994 WAD it's surprisingly solid, but it's unfortunately let down by stupid texture choices (blueskull textures on regular doors) and that awful teleporter 'puzzle'.x
cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeesex
The cyberdemon in the coffin is perhaps the coolest thing ever to appear in a Doom wad. And it's called Cheese. Automatic 5/5.x
"There is an aggrevating transporter puzzle which will frustrate many" - well, zero stars right there. Did the author realise that "Satan's hell hole" makes me think of hemorrhoids? The level also has toilets in it. All bad levels have toilets. There's a very impressive large skull wall texture that's right near the start; but it wasn't drawn by the author of this wad, so no extra stars. And it is negated by an awful "sacrificed" cyberdemon. The design is very symmetrical. My hands are cold.x
Dude, before you design a McDonald's, know the layout of one first.x

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