Title: Cathedral of Doom B1.0
Filename: levels/doom/a-c/church.zip
Size: 107.79 KB
Date: 09/08/95
Author: Steven Swiniarski (S Andrew Swann)
Description: Something odd has happened at the old abandoned church at the top of the hill. It's close to midnight and you mount the hill to investigate the strage lights that have appeared around the abandoned bell-towers. You step into the graveyard, and you've just noticed the new gallows, when at the stroke of midnight an iron gate slams (almost) into place behind you. You have no choice now, you have to rid the cathedral of its demonic infestation, or die trying.

This is for everyone who wished the Unholy Cathedral level looked more like a _cathedral_, with nave, altar, clerestory and so on. (I threw in the graveyard and catacombs for free:)
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: A few weeks/months off and on.
Editor(s) used: WADED v1.23, DCK v2.2, WinTex 3.4
Bugs: None that I know of
Rating: (4 votes)
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Lightning Hunter
Great map, especially considering when it was released. The game play is good even today. As the other reviewer said, the crypt section was plain - but the rest of the map had decent detail. The challenge was perfect, and so was the progression.x
Great for '95. I loved that song used in every summer blockbuster trailer ever. 4.5/5x
Not much to add to the previous review. Going into the blood canals is a bit of a leap of faith, but I survived the map at my first attempt, so I can hardly call it unfair. 5/5x
An absolutely wonderful map, with great old-school architecture, superb progression, several neat traps, some highly inventive secrets and good fights, culminating in a Cyberdemon confrontation not soon to be forgotten. The architecture often looks like something out of "Thy Flesh Consumed". There's a pretty boring crypt part (except for a very nice goodie puzzle), but I'm willing to overlook that. If you don't know your way around, it can be pretty challenging, too. A must play! --5/5x

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