Title: Cleimos
Filename: levels/doom/a-c/cleim10.zip
Size: 656.15 KB
Date: 08/20/94
Author: Rand and Steven Phares
Credits: id Software, Inc. & the authors of: deu dmgraph bsp wad_dwd idbsp the FAQ the SPECS
Base: New episode from scratch
Build time: Four months
Editor(s) used:
Bugs: HOM in a few places because of DOOM v1.2 limits. No other known bugs. If you find some, please let us know. Unknown bugs might be found in multi-player modes (cooperative, deathmatch), since we don't play those and couldn't debug 'em.
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For an old WAD - I dunno, it's worse than Doom 1, but it's not outright terrible even nowadays. There's lots of "Sierra adventure game" stuff going on with switches that you don't know what they do or with sectors vital for progression being marked as secrets. Visuals are valid and combat is mostly non-tedious.x
I don't understand the good ratings. There are far better packs made in '94. These authors did everything you should NOT do when creating levels. There are at least a hundred instant death traps and inescapable pits that kill you with no warning. Secret areas are MANDATORY in order to complete some levels. 75% of this consists of annoying mazes. Architecture is mostly bad. Game play is unbalanced. I barely got through this thing without quitting. Awful pack. 1/5.x
An absolute classic! This was one of the first big wads i'd ever played, and boy it was a blast back then. Nowadays it probably holds up questionably but don't think you can deny that the maps a fun to play. Although, you might want to just play Cleimos 2 instead. 5/5x
A true classic. Design is astoundingly good for the time period, and is capable of standing up against other WADs for years to come. Suffers a bit from "realistic location syndrome", and experiments with gameplay features uncommon to maps even now. Play this. 4/5 -jjx
A legendary WAD, and I think it should be credited for introducing the "hub" gameplay concept in DOOM, even though it was implemented within the limits of the original doom exe. I never finished it properly, I think I will do so right now though. 4/5 -Maesx
I'm more sceptical. This is technically very good for the period, and it's nice to see one of these old, ambitious episode replacements. But the gameplay is variable. L1 is solid, with a range of different styles. L2 is a tedious, copy-and-paste level. L3 and L4 are terrible, with lots of silly puzzles. L4 has a nice "reactor core". L5 and L6 are dull. L7 and the secret level are fantastic, with large-scale fights. L8 is a visual feast, with nice shading and some attractive polyobjects.x
Legendary. Proof that '94 wadmakers only had DOOM in mind when designing levels, not Quake/HL/whatever modern shit, so what was good was really GOOD, well planned, just as the originals. WHY HASN'T THIS WAD BEEN PLACED IN THE '10 BEST LEVELS OF 1994' DW LIST??x

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