Filename: levels/doom/a-c/combat_2.zip
Size: 175.98 KB
Date: 04/03/95
Author: Karl R. Peters
Description: It's an 9-level episode for DOOM 1.2 which is designed for combat intensive play for one player, but is also multi-player and DEATHMATCH ready. The 9 levels (E2M1 --- E2M9) are a collection of levels I've designed over the past year. They're all simple, with no puzzles and no secrets, just lots and lots of blood. They should run on almost any machine that is capable of running DOOM (although E2M5 may get slow due to the ENORMOUS number of monsters on it. My machine is a 4MB 33MHZ 486 DX, and it runs slow at times on that...). If you like lots of mayhem, and plenty of dying (both you and the monsters) then these levels are for you. If you like pretty artwork, or frustrating puzzles, then find another wad. (BTW - the levels aren't UGLY - the textures are all aligned and selected with some care - you actually might really like how some of the levels look. But one none of them did I spend more than an hour or two selecting textures)
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This is an E2 level replacement. It's awful. The levels are all large geometric arenas with pillars dotted around in the middle; in several cases you can just run straight to the exit. Each level is about as entertaining as fighting a bunch of Ultimate Doom monsters in a large geometric shape, with pillars dotted around the middle, i.e. not very. One of the levels is repeated, with variations, three times; another one twice.x

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