Title: Comrades!
Filename: levels/doom/a-c/comrades.zip
Size: 46.64 KB
Date: 10/12/94
Author: Larry Wangemann
Description: This Single level .WAD will (hopefully) suprise some of the expert players. And wait until you find out who your "Comrades" turn out to be. :) My Beta tester always loves to used the cheat codes, so my levels will always try to have some sort of trap that will "get-cha" even with the codes. (Not counting the no-clipping code) This one is no exception. There IS one (or two) certain spot(s) in which there is no way out other than starting over. I sure hope you didn't save in there? :)

This is my very first .WAD and I hope others will get much better. Drop me an E-Mail to let me know if you'd like to see more .WADs by me. And tell me what parts stunk and what parts were cool. (I MAY even put you on a list for sending more .WADs out via E-Mail)
Credits: Steve, my official BETA tester. "No, no, Steve, don't touch that F11 key! Dark was MEANT to be DARK! Sheesh...." :)
Base: New level from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DEU 5.21 + BSP 12
Bugs: Bugs? No way! :) Ok...some fireballs MAY disappear when they are all streaming in dozens at a time. :)

And the All important HOW TO USE info...(Hey some people are just
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Map cannot be finished. Go fix + test. However, it's been almost 10 years from now. ~0/5x
Best Wad I ever played.x
This has to be the worst WAD I have ever seen, there are way too many enemies and some parts of the map are too big and it take for ever to get to one place to another. Crap WAD.x
Completely awful in almost every respect. It's extremely ugly, randomly textured, contains a moronic inescapable dead-end, and also throws hoardes of monsters onto the player, with very limited ammo given (although it's often easy to just run past all the monsters, this makes 100% kills extremely tedious). Avoid like the plague. --0/5x

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