Title: cortyr_b.zip
Filename: levels/doom/a-c/cortyr_b.zip
Size: 75.57 KB
Date: 05/12/94
Author: Michael Kelsey
Description: Try it out, it *is* worth your download time :) More toward the atmosphere of an ID level, hope you like it.
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Pretty impressive '94 map by the author of Return to Phobos. The theme is a mix. Progression is a bit clunky with unmarked doors and a pair of less fun mazey, though brief, parts. Ammo is tight at the start; I had to pistol 2 cacos. What really sets this apart is the quality of the structures, with a step-arch, the street lamp and a fun part with moving platforms with monsters attacking from 3 sides. This isn't quite legendary, but for just 4 months after Dooms release, its excellent. 4.5/5 Sui Generisx
Ah, this oldie is already two decades in my 'good' directory. Replaying it I remembered pressing every wall searching for more secrets and hidden passages :lol:. At that time the streetlight was spectacular. Overall it's indeed one of the better '94 maps, but it's for sure not legendary. Rated in 1994: 4/5, worth a play for fans of nostalgia.x
This is reaaaally good for May 1994. The map is competently built, a bit sparse on detail but never flat-out dull. I found all 3 keys, killed about 80% of the monsters, but could not for the life of me find an exit, or a way behind those silver bars. For it's age this thing is damn good.x
An interesting map. I remember playing this years ago when it first came out... and never being able to finish it as I wasn't that great of a player back then. I remember that courtyard though... still a piece of doom history. I don't see how anyone could really hate it... there are some interesting features of this map. 4/5 x
Not bad but a bit back and forth. The unmarked doors are annoying but they show up on the map so it's not too much trouble.x
A pretty good 1994 level. Not a masterpiece, as it's plagued by problems such as blatant texture misalignments and some HOMs on vanilla (these mostly go away on limit-removing source ports). It's most distinctive feature is having an arena with an eerie streetlight, and some very good use of ambient lighting in general (e.g. the courtyard is fully lit by recessed wall lights at some point). Some battles may be a bit hard, especially in ammo-tight phases. Overall, worth a look. 4/5 -Maesx
Michael Kelsey was perhaps the first great level designer in the community. Released in April of 1994, cortyr_b.wad features some impressive details like a very convincing streetlight. It's aged poorly both gameplay and appearance-wise with some HOMs and unmarked doors. But whether you love it or hate it, it's undeniably a piece of Doom history. 3.5/5x

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