Title: Docking Crater Alpha
Filename: levels/doom/a-c/crater.zip
Size: 118.35 KB
Date: 08/23/94
Author: Jin H. Kim "Time Traveler"
Description: Huge. Structured. Kinda cool. My best yet?
Credits: Why don't I mention the names of the people who made Doom and its subsequent accessories? It's quite simple. It's a GIVEN that these people are to be thanked. If it wasn't for all those out there, (and they know who they are) I wouldn't be squandering my precious Time making wads!
Base: New level from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Deu5.1, Deu5.2gcc, Deu5.21, BSP1.1, BSP1.2x, VNB, IDBSP1.0, IDBSP1.01d, IDBSPWAT, reject 1.0. (Due to the size and complexity of the wad as it was in its development stages, node builders failed me one after the other. Read far below)
Bugs: No real bugs. But there is a minor HOM effect but that cannot be helped. There is a lot of detail involved and I feel that any slight HOM you might notice is outweighed. Then again, the 1.2 to 1.6 upgrade patch might be out by now. In that case, rejoice!
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Ah, I remembered playing this good-old map two decades ago. It obviously has its early design flaws, actually so many that nowadays it would be considered as meh. But at that time it looked spectacular: big, panorama's, a large maze, lots of monsters, switches, radiation runs, suspicious ambiance. Rated as 1994 map: by far not the best one, but p.d. good, so 4/5.x
Really good for it's age, the environment is trying to be realistic as mentioned above. It's well made, but it just kinda bored me. I think I may have played this in years gone by and it impressed me far more back then.x
Probably one of the best 94' maps I have played. It's clever and atmospheric, which is all the more impressive considering it was made using only Doom's stock resources (save for some new cheesy weapon sfx). I liked the way rad suits were used in this map as well. Worth a play.x
Now THIS is a '94 wad that would make Tom Hall proud! It feels very true to his original Doom Bible with realistic architecture and non-linear gameplay. Granted, this map does suffer from '94 flaws like repetitive texuring and a lack of details. However, the sheer ambition of this map makes it far superior to its contemporaries. 4/5x
big, strongly sci-fi themed level from '94. recommended.x
This is a large but undetailed moonbase, with lots of uniform white textures, and a crate maze that's the spit of E2M2. It has from the same problems as most other "realistic" environments, in that it is staid and dull. There are some toilets (we learn that the imps use urinals), a sickbay, a pool rooms etc, lots of square corridors and little rooms. It's grander than most early levels and not awful, but very unexciting nowadays.x
A very large and plain, but still not bad-looking greyish moon base, with realistic in-/outdoor touches. The atmosphere hurts you, so be sure to use your supply of rad suits wisely. The fights are easy but good, if a little repetitive. The progression feels very non-linear, as if you can stroll around pretty much anywhere you like. This sometimes makes things confusing, though, and you often feel lost. Perhaps it's just a little *too* big? The new sounds are so-so. --3/5x

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