Filename: levels/doom/a-c/crescent.zip
Size: 109.16 KB
Date: 05/31/94
Author: Doug Ryerson
Description: The idea for the layout is borrowed from STARWAR1.WAD by Matt Falk. In no way is this wad connected to any of the tremendous wads in the starwars series by Matt Falk. If his next ones are as good as STARWAR1, then I will have to buy some more floppy disks to store them. The name of the wad is obtained from the shape of the map. The story: As humanity reaches out into the unexplored regions of space they may encounter some less- than-friendly races. One such incidence occurred a few years ago on Pluto. The base, a sector of the Specialized Planetary Defence (SPD) ring was overrun by some nasty semi-humanoids with a bad attitude. An unsuspecting marine on an inspection tour landed and was suprised to find the base crawling with "things" he had never seen before. He had had bad receptions before, but not like this one...
Credits: Everyone responsible for the fine doom editors I used and Matt Falk.
Base: New level from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Deu V5.2, DE260B4, WDMSTR05, MIDI2MUS
Bugs: One wall will cause an error in the program if you push on it. It happened after I tried to delete a sector, the adjoining wall became sensitive. I presume this is a bug in the editors since the surviving sector looks normal as does the linedef. One door will not open from one side, despite every attempt to get it to. One small protruding wall is clear even though both editors report it solid.
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This is reminiscent of, and inspired by, id=435. That level was an early classic, whereas this is just so-so. The monochromatic texture scheme is understandable, but the map just feels like a lot of cramped rooms joined with stairs which make you hit your head. There's an impressively epic trench leading up to the exit. Dates from a time when Star Wars had a certain amount of underground cachet (it was just about to become trendy all over again).x
A bright, grey starbase. The author mentions influences from a "Star Wars" WAD, and you can certainly see some architecture reminiscent of the Death Star levels from "Dark Forces". There is minimal resistance, but the progression is clever (especially towards the end), and will keep you busy instead. There are also several good secret sectors that may take a while to find. Nothing special, but ten minutes of fun. --2/5x

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