Title: crusades.wad, Issue 1.
Filename: levels/doom/a-c/crusades.zip
Size: 763.8 KB
Date: 09/04/99
Author: Richard Wiles
Description: You need a registered version of Ultimate DooM to play this. 2.2 Mb when unzipped.

This is a full, nine map DooM 1 episode incorporating the 5 previously released 'Spooky' maps plus 4 spanking brand new, neverseenbefore ones. If you've already played the spookies, then sorry but I have decided to release this wad purely for my own benefit. I wanted to sign off from DooM with some kind of accomplishment i.e. a complete episode for Doom 1....and this is it!!

The new maps are e4m1, e4m7, e4m8 & e4m9 in case you don't want to play the spookies again. Each map is designed to be played from scratch.

This wad will run with v1.9 and is not exclusive to any port.

+++ SPECIAL NOTE FOR ZDOOM USERS +++ You must use the extension "-noflathack" in the command line, otherwise this wad will crash.
Credits: My girlfriend Ness for tolerating my doom 'habit'. Joel Murdoch & Mattrim Dixon for playtesting. idsoftware for DooM - best game ever! Anthony Czerwonka for allowing me to include some of his "Gothictx" textures in this wad. To whoever wrote the musical track for e4m1 (featured in gothic2). Nick Baker for educating me about including flats in wad files.
Base: New levels from scratch
Build time: About 8 months, on & off.
Editor(s) used:
Bugs: Hopefully, all VPO's have been removed. Tell me if you find one.
Rating: (82 votes)
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