Title: Capital University Information Technology
Filename: levels/doom/a-c/cuit.zip
Size: 292.07 KB
Date: 06/25/00
Author: David Koppenhofer
Description: (Story) You've had an uneasy feeling ever since you stepped foot in the place... Hell, even before arriving at The Capital University and Training Grounds of His Holiness the Pope, you'd heard ; tales. Tales of the Holy Takeover ; that started 25 years ago. Of the Reconditioning. Of the Experiments. -- Rumor had it that the University was working on a portal to Hell and a weapon that would bring Hell to its knees (and Glory to the Pope). But that's only a rumor...right? -- ; You're a Space Marine getting ready to graduate with the Class of 2024 from the Special High Intensity Training only offered by the Vatican Military. You just have one more report to deliver. Unfortunately, your Trainer is an old fasioned *@&$ who wants reports on dead trees when he evaluates them. So you have to go to the Computer Classroom in Information Technology to make a hard copy of your work. As you walk down the stairs toward the Classroom, you are thrown to the ground by an explosion. Seconds later, your head swims and feels like it's being torn in every direction at once. Kind of like the Temporal Shift Drive training you endured during Marine boot camp, only stronger... Unholstering your standard-issue sidearm, you head into the depths of Capital University Information Technology.
Credits: Mark Hamilton, for beta testing and actually giving feedback. ;-}
Base: New level from scratch. (Based on my physical workplace.)
Build time: A Really Long Time (tm). I spent a few years on it, working off and on.
Editor(s) used: Deep for DOS 8.84 (registered), WinTex 4.3, MIDI2MUS 2.04, RMB 2.1, Adobe Photoshop
Bugs: Occasional slime trail. UV saves OK, but sometimes crashes DOS upon exit. Impossible to get 100% kills in single player mode without cheating. (at a point, you have to choose between paths)
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Game play is ok, but texuring is odd. x
wrong trashx
Good: Occasional decent lighting; Some fights/ambushes are a bit challenging; No level-destroying bugs. Bad: Texture choices are hideous; Lots of pointless rooms and annoying tricks/traps (monsters attacking through walls, trick red keys, random crushers, etc.); Sometimes difficult to figure where to go; A few stuck monsters. Odd: The whole map is an amateurish nightmare, yet it has fully-functional 3D bridges in it. Overall: Thankfully, I never have to play this again. 1/5 -VVx

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