Filename: levels/doom/a-c/cyberpit.zip
Size: 35.8 KB
Date: 02/19/95
Author: Steven van Loef
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With a name like that I was expecting a kind of wow.wad, with its cyberdemon trapped in an illusio-pit, but this is just a conventional 1994-era level. So many of these early levels remind me of failed artificial life experiments. All the organs and bones are present, but the creature is dead. This level is just a lot of rooms and corridors and doors and monsters one after the other with no spark of life or entertainment value.x
A collection of ugly, sometimes even buggy, poorly textured and designed rooms and hallways with way too much ammo and health for way too few and weak monsters. Some of the secrets, and some things about the gameplay were cleverly thought-out, but that doesn't really save this one. I'd better mention that there's no Cyber here... and no real pit, either. --1/5 x

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