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Ultimate Doom 2 : Dead Anomaly
I was bored, so I made Doom 2's Dead Simple in Doom 1. Instead of Mancubai there's Barons (duh). Map11 in E2M2 is next....Date:03/25/14
Size:7.3 KB

Doom IV: Daisy's Revenge
"What the hell? What did they do to Daisy, my pet rabbit. Those bastards will pay for what they did to Daisy, they will," you cry out as you had just came out of Dys. You quickly teleported yourself to wherever they were at this time. And in this cas...Date:05/24/96
Size:68.01 KB
Author:Zhengyun Zhang

Doom IV: Daisy's Revenge, Level 2&3
This is the second in a series of D4x wads. Subsequent wads require previous wads. You have just arrived in a remote hell lab. Make it to the outside to exit the hell lab, and find yourself in Barons of Fun! Also includes update patch for Dehacke...Date:05/27/96
Size:19.26 KB
Author:Zhengyun Zhang

Size:22.12 KB
Author:Cameron Newham (

Daffie Uck
A Doom new level map for E1M3. Its really good looking like my boyfrend....Date:06/02/05
Size:34.67 KB

My first ever DooM level created with DE_260B2. It replaces Episode 1 Level 1 of DooM. It is made for solo players only (not configured for multi-player mode---there is no level difficulty either.). There are no annoying traps or mazes, just minor ob...Date:11/07/08
Size:24.36 KB
Author:Ducien Palomado

E1M11-11-11: Travel on the 11th dimension
a special speed map made for celebrating the 11\11\11 day (actually day of Pocky in japan, Metal Day according to the Dio fan page on facebook and the birthday of the fictional anime charatcher Azusa Nagano), based upon the original game episodes sty...Date:11/14/11
Size:82.07 KB
Author:Walter "Daimon" Confalonieri

6666 days of dooming
A level i made a pair of years ago (???) added with more stuff and fixed things from original but never officialy released, for partecipating on the "6666 days OF DOOMING" or something like that.... Enjoy...Date:03/24/14
Size:36.17 KB
Author:Walter "Daimon" Confalonieri

Two levels that have some things you haven't seen elsewhere. The first level is simple, the second is harder....Date:04/13/07
Size:105.48 KB
Author:Lance Frohman

Three levels that have some things you haven't seen? elsewhere. The first level is simple, the second and third are harder....Date:01/11/05
Size:180.86 KB
Author:Lance Frohman

Well, it's my first pwad...Date:05/28/95
Size:61.55 KB
Author:J.Paul POLVORA

Dance of death
Its a huge multiplayer level....Date:06/06/94
Size:43.39 KB

Dangers from Deimos Labs
A tough DOOM level - pretty cool for my first....Date:06/27/95
Size:65.07 KB
Author:(Doug) Scott Hawkins

Danne's E1
Episode 1 replacement for Doom1. Nothing fancy, just shoot stuff and make sure you record a demo when you're doing it. I started working on this in 2009 but lost interest in these kind of maps when I played SoD and Sunder. I really don't like Doom1 a...Date:03/20/13
Size:660.79 KB
Author:Daniel "dannebubinga" Jakobsson

DANTE'S GATE version 1.2
This is a revision of my first level. For the most part, the only "theme" I had in mind was to make the level as aesthetically pleasing and consistent as possible. In other words, I wanted it to look neat. There are lots of little nooks and crannies ...Date:07/17/94
Size:58.48 KB
Author:John W. Anderson (aka Dr. Sleep)

DANTE'S GATE version 1.666
This is the third revision of DANTE'S GATE, and it accommodates a peculiar bug in the Doom 1.666 engine which does not allow multiple sector tagging for raised floors. I just barely caught this and had to redo a couple of sectors which raised fine in...Date:12/02/05
Size:66.7 KB
Author:John W. Anderson (aka Dr. Sleep)

I hate to spoil surprises, just email me if you think its worth a mention....Date:04/23/96
Size:36.63 KB
Author:Marc Locchi

Another PWAD add-on for users of Registered DOOM. Enjoy!!!...Date:04/13/07
Size:10.92 KB

This is a group of wads that replace e1m1 thru e1m8. It doesn't include e1m9 because i never got around to it for this group. There's no story, it's just a group of wads we put together for training purposes,these are the easy ones....Date:04/13/07
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Size:414.77 KB

The Darkness and the Light
This is one of the first maps I created, but is still one worth playing. There are large outside areas, dark inside torture chambers, and a few nasty traps....Date:02/16/11
Size:40.84 KB
Author:Kevin Eudy

A short level....Date:04/13/07
Size:13.98 KB

The scenario takes place between E2 and E3, you recieve a garbled transmission from somewhere in space, tracing the source, the signal is being bounced off a relay sattelite, it's coming from the Dark Side of Phobos. How? You ask yourself, there's no...Date:07/03/96
Size:123.92 KB
Author:Michael 'Vampyr' Palomino

Get you teeth into this game. Hay, a demon said something about your mother, that deserves beetings....Date:03/26/00
Size:467.86 KB
Author:Shane Ward

Big level with lots of special lighting and a few other special effects. You have to watch your back in this one. Also, lots of area left to add to if you have DoomED-The Real Thing editor. Availible in the Gamer's Forum as DMREAL.ZIP. I'd highly rec...Date:01/12/05
Size:37.91 KB
Author:David Bruni

This is my second WAD, hence the catchy title. It's smaller than I would have liked, but most of the construction was done in DEU 5 and I started running out of RAM. It's subsequently been tidied-up in V5.2. I've tried to set it up as an alternative ...Date:10/18/94
Size:58.38 KB
Author:Dave Cameron

E1M1 map made from scratch. Not yet complete....... To Run: DOOM -FILE DAVID2.WAD...Date:01/12/05
Size:13.7 KB
Author:David Jennings

How are these wads different from other wads then? Well, they are kind of obsessive. Each in it's own way. They follow their own logic and are all somehow restrained. I pay attention to detail and stick to my themes. At times, I try to be as sing...Date:12/14/96
Size:357.63 KB
Author:David Ottvall

Four great single player levels....Date:05/31/05
Size:148.99 KB

A pretty straight forward level it shouldn't be too difficult for anyone....Date:04/13/07
Size:28.38 KB
Author:Donald Bray

Deimos Base #666
Oh no! UAC just called in reporting another Cyberdemon in a previously unknown Deimos base. Your job is as usual: Clear the base, eliminate the Cyberdemon, and leave! Good luck!...Date:11/14/09
Size:2.21 KB
Author:Carl Paulson

This WAD took me some problems, but that´s okay. It´s large and difficult; but nothing that a DOOMER can´t do it, hehe......Date:11/09/03
Size:16.4 KB
Author:Bruno Vergilio

Unlike LURKER this is nothing but all out action from the get go. If you like rolling over your frag count, look no further. This was designed with -altdeath in mind, but should be as fun to play regular. Our first night with the final version of thi...Date:08/07/94
Size:15.72 KB
Author:John Wakelin

Dragonsbrethren's Pandemonium
This was my submission to an E3 project Hellbent started where we'd try to duplicate the look and play style of E3M3: Pandemonium without paying homage to the original. The project never received many submissions and I decided to release this as stan...Date:10/18/13
Size:40.37 KB

Building K
of Contents...Date:12/15/95
Size:35.95 KB
Author:Kyle Klukas

The Sixth Hour
Inspired by zodiac's Imperfect Hatred thread on Doomworld, this is an E4-style map created from scratch in six hours. For added difficulty and to keep the project authentic, I didn't use Doom Builder's 3D editing mode....Date:03/09/12
Size:24.84 KB

Phobos Outpost
A good old fashioned E1 type map...Date:04/25/04
Size:66.35 KB
Author:DooMBoy (w00t)

Phobos Control Center
Another E1 map by a person who loves E1 maps...Date:07/12/05
Size:61.71 KB

Phobos Power Station
Another good old fashioned E1 type map...Date:08/09/04
Size:63.51 KB
Author:DooMBoy (roofles)

Destruction Comes!
Slagfest! This wad is very challenging in single player mode and even harder in coop mode. The deathmatches are fairly good since the level is small but two player games still have problems with finding each other. I can't think of anything else to w...Date:08/13/94
Size:42.57 KB
Author:Troy Mann

This is the first level I have made for doom. It has no secret doors and is pretty small,but still challenging. Lots of action!! To play type "Doom -file dcat.wad"...Date:01/14/05
Size:9.57 KB
Author:Jimmy a. Davis
10 WAD collection includes *2* great single/multi/deathmatch wads for DOOM2 and *8* DOOM1 levels by the team who brought you the DOOM CONSTRUCTION KIT (DCK)....Date:12/08/94
Size:589.06 KB
Author:Prof. Doom

Castle of Dragon
Set the mood here....Date:10/07/94
Size:24.33 KB
Author:Aldo "Sidewinder" Galimberti

Read and print manual first!!! ==============================...Date:07/24/99
Size:347.04 KB
Author:BGC Software

I'm sure you'll have plenty of choice names for this one! ;)
It is a fight every step of the way, and (IMHO) more what one might have expected of e2m1, from the beating you take at the end of the 1st mission. It's got some pretty tricky things in it...but the overall difficulty I'd rate at about 60%-80% (doabl...Date:11/19/94
Size:33.18 KB
Author:Don D. Smith

Deimos Deja Vu
Updated version, now fully vanilla compatible. Some major and minor changes in most levels, most noticeable in E2M2. First released 7/10/10, DDVU is a nine-level replacement for Ultimate Doom's episode two. This wad set aims to keep the spirit and st...Date:11/18/10
Size:501.37 KB

Evil Unleashed II
A sequel to Evil Unleashed. An even better designed map than the first one. Great layout, lots of areas where bad guys are attacking you from. Cool secrets to find. I'd say its a slightly harder map than the first one. You start out in the usual tech...Date:09/02/12
Size:153.21 KB
Author:Dutch Devil

True killing level for you to enjoy. This wad took about 100 man hours as five engineering students worked fast paced to modify things. If you have yet to find the right wad then this is for you. Doom Magazine rates this level as the hottest release ...Date:09/10/94
Size:20.54 KB
Author:Your name here

DEADBASE.WAD - `Wasteland: Dead Base'
the setting is open-field/city-like, bright light, many buildings, high demand of processing power. This is my first attempt at creating WAD files for DOOM. The creation of this WAD was made possible by the two great programs called DEU 5.1 a...Date:05/25/94
Size:86 KB
Author:Alberto BARSELLA

Dead Man Walking 1.0 for Doom1
Size:43.62 KB
Author:Rick Troppman

Dead Zone
"Dead Zone" is a new episode that replaces Episode 2 (just because of the music and sky). This is my first single-player episode and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it. Map 1 - Outpost Map 2 - Recieving Map 3 - Server Bank Map 4 -...Date:08/26/07
Size:179.1 KB
Author:Daniel Ferro

This level was designed primarily as a three to four player deathmatch, but it can also be played through as a single player game. The level is based round a large central cavernous room containing four gun turrets. As a deathmatch level, the best pl...Date:05/31/94
Size:44.74 KB
Author:Colin Dickens
One of the first dozen levels made entirely from scratch - see the table in this post: The original TXT file is in the ZIP....Date:11/07/21
Size:16.67 KB
Author:Jason Whittington

Kingdom of Death
See Parts II and III...Date:07/01/94
Size:77.55 KB
Author:Eric Falsken Ryan McGrail

A single player level....Date:06/07/05
Size:48.33 KB
Author:Patrick Woods

Kill them!...Date:04/13/07
Size:21.02 KB

Small high frag DM level with all weapons. There is NO exit...Date:05/30/94
Size:24.15 KB
Author:Brian Plumb

As the name suggests, this level was the authors first serious attempt at creating a DOOM level from scratch. This level took a *long* time to make - not because of any great complexity, but because of the limited amount of time the authors could fin...Date:08/09/95
Size:123.57 KB
Author:Nick Townsend, David Singer

This is a Complete Episode replacing "Knee Deep in the Dead". This is a 'NO CHEATS NEEDED' WAD with alot of work put into the way it looks (and of course plays). There are many lighting effects, staircases, ledges, lifts, etc. There are ...Date:05/26/96
Size:709.71 KB

In the Deep
In the deep has two levels to it. E1M1 was the first WAD I had ever constructed. HOWEVER, I have touched it up numerous times and it is as perfect as it will probably ever get. The second, is fairly complex, with a number of secrets. There's a cyberd...Date:12/17/95
Size:189.14 KB
Author:Andrew C. Moore

I wanted to put a little of everything on this wad. There are a LOT of remote switches and secrets. Later on I will make some other wads and have a theme for them, but right now I want to know what do you think of this one. I was really careful to av...Date:08/01/94
Size:139.87 KB
Author:Enrique Zamudio López

Try to make it to the end without falling into holes, traps and opening doors without looking first....Date:03/02/95
Size:192.3 KB
Author:Wietze Veld (wad), Jeremy Roon(wad,music), Richard Verzijl (music & FTP Help)

Deimos Immaculated
Episode 2 themed techbase level without hell's corruption, hence the name "immaculated" I've tried to emulate the great work of Tom Hall and Sandy Petersen in shores of hell with a personal touch. I've always thought that fortress of mistery was ...Date:01/14/11
Size:133.83 KB
Author:Nicolas Monti

DEIMOS - replacement missions for DOOM, Episode I (Knee-Deep in the Dead) Missions 1 and 2
Setting: Far'way planet, stuck in a demon infested millitary base, running for you life, taking pot shots at mutilated space marine buddies... nuff said. E1M1.WAD (Sorta short and easy...) Can be played over the modem, but NOT in DEATHMATCH mode. ...Date:01/17/05
Size:76.19 KB
Author:Jeremy Lee

Deimos Control Center
Medium sized episode 2 styled level....Date:06/10/06
Size:50.99 KB
Author:Tobias Münch

Deimos Seven
Base-style map with non-linear progression. Tested with Chocolate Doom & GZDooM...Date:12/15/19
Size:184.76 KB
Author:ReX Claussen

The DEMON PITS of DOOM (v1.3)
You are air-dropped into a demon breeding factory somewhere in Peru. The place is crawling with aliens and mutants. Your mission is Search and Destroy. Wipe out the base entirely. A reliable security scan of the area, performed by UAC PsiOps, has all...Date:12/14/96
Size:271.9 KB

The DEMON PITS of DOOM: The Special Edition
You are air-dropped into a demon breeding factory somewhere in Peru. The place is crawling with aliens and mutants. Your mission is Search and Destroy. Wipe out the base entirely. A reliable security scan of the area has all but confirmed the presenc...Date:02/02/97
Size:323.09 KB

Size:42.02 KB

You have landed on the surface of the planet below. Intelligence has told you that below the surface, there are two more levels. On the surface, mostly there are rogue creatures, and the quest is to find the passage to the hell-hole below. Once on ...Date:02/01/05
Size:44.98 KB
Author:Richard Torquato

You found a castle over run with demons on your vacation. They killed your family. It's payback time!...Date:08/02/95
Size:32.52 KB
Author:Paul Thureen

Pits of Despair
Guts flying, gore spewing, and armies of darkness everywhere. Get your ass out alive and you'll be a hero (NOT!)....Date:12/02/05
Size:22.03 KB
Author:Alex Hanson

After a weekend of R&R, you return to your base to find your unit has not returned from routine maneuvers on Mars. Upon checking in with your CO, you find him a changed person. He only mumbles, "Despair, Despair, Why did it have to be Despair." Your ...Date:02/01/05
Size:92.1 KB
Author:David L. Farrington

This is my first attempt at trying to do something really cool with DEU 5.0, 5.1, 5.2, and 5.21. Yes, I really used them all on this level. It's been little pieces at a time....Date:08/23/94
Size:41.88 KB
Author:Ron Pollard

DESTRCT is an external wad for DOOM. It replaces E1M1, and it's GREAT for modem Deathmatch. The easy setting is very easy--the medium setting is pretty hard--BUT the hardest setting is KILLER! Tons of deathmatch starting sites to make modem play unpr...Date:02/02/05
Size:43.96 KB
Author:Jim Weis ("DOOMinator")

Destruction! The aftermath of God's Disapproval!
[Note by the uploader: I found this on several old CD's with doom-level-collections. None of them had a textfile with the name of the author. But on the *1001 Nights of Doom* -CD, there is a FILES.BBS -file, that has the following description line:] ...Date:09/30/06
Size:75.37 KB

Originally intended as a two-player DeathMatch blast, this level is made for high-speed friend-killing carnage. It does play OK on single player, though, as the (reasonably) action packed demo shows. This demo shows you all the hidden bits as well, s...Date:06/15/94
Size:61.98 KB
Author:Andre Lucas

A level built for Deathmatch games. A large central arena with a couple paths to it. I tried to build it so that you run into each other a lot or you can tell where the other guy is. Also with some escapes for when the you've got someone on your tail...Date:10/05/94
Size:36.77 KB
Author:Mike Treffry

(This is the first mission of my death match episode.) Remember playing war with your friends when you were little? This level simulates the fun of the good 'ol days with a mix of good 'ol violence. I made this level to match my old home in Washingto...Date:05/09/94
Size:71.83 KB
Author:Frederick J. Bradley

Death Factory
In the past 3 years you have been to hell and back, and have saved the whole world from destruction. Just when you thought you were able to take your vacation you find out about the DEATH FACTORY. Your goal is to destroy the demons runnin' the place....Date:07/13/95
Size:9.25 KB

Death Flows Everywhere
In a compound with very leaky plumbing completely surrounded by a high chain-link fence, you battle slaves of the mighty ruler LIQUIDON to obtain your freedom....Date:06/12/96
Size:209.46 KB
Author:John Bullock
It is completely new, not a hack of an existing level. This is my first Doom level, but I think it is very good. There are some tricky parts, and if you are ever tempted to think it is unfinishable, you can watch the demo I have provided....Date:05/12/94
Size:17.07 KB
Author:Jackson Harvey

TRAPPED!! - how? where? It doesn't look so bad! Nice clean room. Oh look somebody left me 2 boxes of ammo. Well better take it, you never know when some ammo might come in handy. : Look a door! What's behind it? Oh, a bridge leading to another door. ...Date:06/13/94
Size:83.38 KB
Author:Tony Donno
A single room with a symmetric maze of walls that you *really* want to stay on top of since the floor is entirely covered with nukage and roaming demons. Staying on the wall will take concentration because it weaves left and right and it's NARROW! B...Date:04/19/94
Size:12.42 KB

Escape from Planet Deum
Final Transmission of Agent Brendan Raphael Blaskowiecz: When I arrived on Planet Deum last night I teleported into the offices of the ware- house. Disguised as a Cacodemon I was easily able to maneuver through the mazelike corridors until I found th...Date:02/21/05
Size:35.29 KB
Author:Tony Priest

This WAD should be used with ANNEX.WAD by Ryan McGrail. We designed them together....Date:07/17/94
Size:21.96 KB
Author:Eric Falsken

The Devil Incarnate
A cool replacement for E1M1 This level is not very hard, I designed it to start off an episode that I am working on. I would really appreciate any comments/constructive critisism as I am fairly new to WAD building....Date:02/11/96
Size:17.6 KB
Author:Mr Dave Peacock

Devil Trauma
This is my first serious attempt at producing a PWAD. Ash / green stone aesthetics and meaningless occult symbolism abound....Date:01/12/17
Size:32.1 KB
Author:Martin Read

Death Field
The level is pretty difficult. All it is is you and every creature in the game (except the spider demon) in one large pentagon room fighting to reach the end. Every weapon is also located on this level so it makes things easier when you reach the oth...Date:10/23/05
Size:14.49 KB
Author:Adam Holz

An amazing idea for a level: the home of a DOOM fan, but without furniture. There are absolutely no creatures to kill in this level. This is a close approximation of my house (location of valuables not included!). I was surprised how quickly it g...Date:07/24/05
Size:31.17 KB
Author:Dean Helsley

Here is an example of a level generated with NewDEU 5.0b Rev. 4 by Raphael Quinet. Since he asked every NewDEU user to do so, I have now mentioned the utillity by which the level was modified. The first level "DIAMOND1.WAD" is the first derivation, d...Date:05/06/05
Size:17.82 KB

A WAD with multiple levels, not-so-new sounds, new graphics, lots of secrets, deception, and evil tricks. Best on 486....Date:02/20/95
Size:668.3 KB
Author:Warren Racz, Mark Rempel, Vinzez Barut

THIS ONES TOUGH!!!! Go ahead make my day and play my LEVEL! :)...Date:07/21/96
Size:55.71 KB
Author:Jonathan DeValentine

Hard to beat, even on "I'm too young to die". Watch out for Cyberdemons when you get the yellow key! Every single weapon, except for the BFG9000, is hidden in DIEFAST! [Watch the demo!]...Date:07/15/94
Size:14.21 KB
Author:Jawed Karim

A deathmatch level with a lot of lifts....Date:10/23/05
Size:23.01 KB

Size:35.21 KB
Author:Andy Leaver

The DILLY wad
Fire... death... lots of Sergeants and Imps. You may need to use IDKFA the first time through...Date:08/16/94
Size:81.25 KB
Author:Dan Dorn

Dimension Gate
The adventure begins in a Doom'd version of my office (not very detailed). From there, things get more and more bizarre. The level has several "stages", each separated by a transporter. There are a couple secret transporters and some neat affects whe...Date:10/24/05
Size:140.19 KB
Author:Martin Rice

see below...Date:02/23/96
Size:626.48 KB
Author:Damian Pawlukanis

Hello, and welcome to the third installment in the UCA storyline! Of the 3 thus far, this one is probably the hardest. It is designed for single player, though coop mode is supported but not tested. Deathmatch, however, is...Date:05/29/94
Size:72.72 KB
Author:Eddie Nguyen

Replaces E2M1. Emphasis is on exploration and dirty tricks. My first attempt at building a level. Hope it isn't too boring....Date:05/06/05
Size:38.48 KB
Author:Bob Caryl

There's not much of a story to this .WAD, I built it mostly for challenging architecture and just plain blood and carnage. ;) It (I think) would be fun for Deathmatch play, so let me know what you think....Date:05/06/05
Size:58.48 KB
Author:Jason Ingram (aka Widowmaker)

Disgruntled Former Employee (v.5)
One awful day, the misguided management at your high-paying UAC desk job decides it would be a good idea to replace all the SGI Unix workstations with Apple Macs. You refuse to cooperate and soon your manager informs you ...Date:08/14/95
Size:1.86 MB
Author:Larry Mulcahy

Doom Display Case
WARNING! This is not a normal DOOM level! It was originally designed as a level to test out graphics and sound wads, so it includes all of the Doom 'things' (items and monsters and decorations). It uses some trickery so that you can get a close up lo...Date:05/21/95
Size:66.08 KB
Author:David Pfitzner

Blood,sweat and tears
Mind your backs in what we think is a difficult level of tactics. 100% completed in 35 Mins. Please report if you find it amusing. Made mainly for single player but untried Deathmatch positions included....Date:04/29/05
Size:34.44 KB
Author:Jonathan Shaw

This level has some of the feel of the original levels by ID software. It is a bit tougher than the first episode levels, but not as tough as the second and third. Lots of smaller monsters instead of a few of the big guys....Date:06/10/94
Size:33.15 KB
Author:Don Wood

3 map wad replacing E1M1 - E1M3 with the original engine's limits....Date:07/03/09
Size:217.16 KB
Author:Adam "Khorus" Woodmansey

Looks like the apartment flat you're in is surrounded by monsters. If you managed to get out - look out yet for distant CyberDemon firing. UV mode might be quite rough......Date:07/11/03
Size:59.87 KB
Author:Simo Malinen

A square-shaped surviving level. Looks simple but can you manage to the exit room alive?...Date:07/11/03
Size:15.49 KB
Author:Simo Malinen

Small base with many dark and light-out-areas....Date:07/11/03
Size:29.9 KB
Author:Simo Malinen

You'll start in front of the exit doors, but to open them is needed all three key cards placed around the nightly oil drilling station in a middle of the dark sea....Date:07/11/03
Size:41.76 KB
Author:Simo Malinen

Urban city scene invaded by monsters. Can you survive this fight in middle of office towers and sky scrapers?...Date:07/11/03
Size:35.79 KB
Author:Simo Malinen

Large power station designed in a theme of the original Doom levels. Lots of action. Try to shoot barrels - and they'll clear the monsters for you!...Date:07/11/03
Size:112.57 KB
Author:Simo Malinen

Arctic expedition base under monsters rule - brr!...Date:07/11/03
Size:82.72 KB
Author:Simo Malinen

Nice go-around-level with atleast one totally crooked trap. Watch out!...Date:07/11/03
Size:37.24 KB
Author:Simo Malinen

Technicly speaking, my first playable Doom level. Not very great but plenty of action and traps....Date:07/11/03
Size:35.96 KB
Author:Simo Malinen

This is a tiny level with huge amount of details, designed to look like an interior of alien spacecraft....Date:07/11/03
Size:48.45 KB
Author:Simo Malinen

Yet one of my early base-levels. Again lots of traps and action!...Date:07/11/03
Size:27.43 KB
Author:Simo Malinen

John's little dream world for DOOM 1
You crash land on a moon inhabited by alien monsters who want to rip your head off....Date:06/10/06
Size:191.19 KB
Author:John Gaughan

Alone(?) in the Dark
My 3rd Doom level(my 1st for DOOM I)....Date:12/02/05
Size:10.19 KB
Author:Patrick "Havoc" Mills

Kill large hordes of monsters in a grey environment....Date:07/06/05
Size:56.02 KB
Author:Chris Davais of Moon Man Software

This PWAD is the First level of my SHORES OF HELL replacement mission. I am releasing it as a single level for the sole reason to get feedback and comments on my design/implementation so I can make the other 8 even better! This is my first attempt at...Date:08/08/94
Size:46.06 KB
Author:Lee Dixon

Apocalypse is my third official released WAD file for IDs awesome action game DOOM. This level is best suited for single player play, but does support multiplayer and deathmatch....Date:07/29/94
Size:106.4 KB
Author:Tim Ash (TinyTim)

The Matrix
This is my first Doom level. It's not too tough and not too easy! I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Please feel free to let me know how you liked/disliked it. All comment/suggestions/ critizims welcomed!! Tested on Doom Version 1.2...Date:06/08/05
Size:37.24 KB
Author:Donald Cathcart

AWP11F.WAD (A Warm Place Final)
The original version of this PWAD (AWP11.WAD) had several bugs, and was not quite as complete as it should have been. There was an intermediate version (AWP11E.WAD) which _should_ never have been released, i don't know if it leaked out, but if you se...Date:06/10/06
Size:34.14 KB
Author:Dave Matteson

Size:16.99 KB

This level is a nice one for multi-player cooperative monster bashing. It is not suited for deathmatch players. They will be dead allmost immediately. The layout of the area is quit simple. But the monster bashing is fun. Four supermonsters (one in...Date:04/13/07
Size:9.73 KB
Author:Albert Eric van der Most

Knee Deep ][ - Bloodbath
"Bloodbath" - the title says it all. New, meaner Knee Deep levels and this time, the buildings make more sense (ie. the Hangar is a real hangar, the Nuclear Plant is a real Nuclear Plant equipped with a core and everything). Six tough levels for you ...Date:02/21/05
Size:358.46 KB
Author:Aug & Ben Sze

BootCamp: Combat Training
This PWAD was designed for basic combat training in DOOM. It covers all the essentials. Marksmanship, hand to hand combat and agility. PLUS blowing up the barrels is a BLAST! There is NO exit. Push any of the walls for a fresh supply of barrels, ammo...Date:12/03/04
Size:15.01 KB
Author:Rich "Weeds" Nagel

Find keys, kill monsters, have fun....Date:04/13/07
Size:27.41 KB

Brundle's Revenge
After the brilliant scientist was blown away by his gorgeous squeeze he went to HELL and set up shop in an area with a fitting floor plan...Enter his realm if you dare... Brundle's Revenge is at hand ! No, but seriously, this is a challenging level f...Date:12/04/04
Size:82.26 KB
Author:Scott Harper

This is a first time try at building a level from scratch. It was mainly built for deathmatch play but found that it is great for a 1 player game. The name is "CAREFUL" for a very good reason. There are alot of secret passages, so keep hunting - all ...Date:10/23/05
Size:19.46 KB
Author:Eric F. Varner

Doom Carnage
This level is a bunch of square rooms with every type of guy and weapon--make for a great deathmatch level, too....Date:03/24/96
Size:128.53 KB
Author:Tim Jones

Imps-r-Us 2 --> Version 2.0 of * Imps r us 2: Masters of Carnage *
Well, this is the new and improved "Imps-r-Us 2", this is version 2.0 . This is what i wanted 1.0 to be like, but i did not have , or even know it even existed. DEU-GCC gave me the memory i needed to complete the level the way it should of been in th...Date:08/22/05
Size:82.45 KB
Author:Dodd A. Snow

Dark, scary, not for acrophobes. (or agoraphobes, for that matter) Watch yer step on the catwalks, and ALWAYS watch yer back!...Date:12/18/04
Size:18.58 KB

Chess and DooM are the two most famous games of the world. This time you play Chess in DooM. The stake in this game is your life....Date:12/02/05
Size:23.23 KB

You fight your way through a doomed city....Date:07/04/05
Size:101.69 KB

Kill them...Date:12/29/04
Size:69.39 KB

High Climb
The base of this game is build around stairs (as you know from the title). I have included many secrets into the game so you have something to search for (besides ammo, life, etc. ). See if you can find them all. Hope you enjoy it!...Date:05/05/05
Size:54.24 KB
Author:Patrick McBride

DOOM: The Combat Zone
This level was modeled after a "capture the flag" type game, in which two teams (configured to your choice) must attack the other Headquarters in order to activate all five switches, which will give them access to their team's end level switch. The f...Date:12/30/04
Size:68.75 KB
Author:Emil R. Eisenhardt

Contaminated Zone
Extreme pulse pounding action while juicing aliens: Don't be a wuss, find out!...Date:01/08/05
Size:42.52 KB
Author:Jason C. Bennett

Engine (ENGINE.WAD), Killing Zone (KILL.WAD)
ENGINE.WAD Quite a large level with lots to kill and a few puzzles to solve. I played it a couple of times so I know it can be done. Unfortunately, there's a couple of small areas where the mirroring effect persists, and I just couldn't get rid of it...Date:07/04/05
Size:87.64 KB

Castle Phobos v3.1
A nine level episode where the theme is set in a castle environment that is meant to be a challenge. Included is new fantastic music to keep you going. The music is pure pleasure for those who have a General-Midi music device. There are new monsters:...Date:01/13/05
Size:2.09 MB
Author:David G. Shrock

Is this just a dream?
You go to bed at night, dreaming of the past day's gaming with DOOM. As you lay down to sleep, you begin to see images of DOOM. You've been playing that game too much!! Still, you decide that you need rest for tomorrow's gaming session. You begin d...Date:08/04/06
Size:235.92 KB
Author:Christopher P. McGee

A file which shows you how NOT to make a WAD file. Caution: If your computer screws up then it's your fault. Use this file AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!! [This is my] First attempt at a Pwad file, and it shows! The most useless PWAD file EVER made, only use...Date:12/02/05
Size:9.32 KB
Author:Hew Yang-Wahn (Slayer)

Some smart small levels....Date:05/12/06
Size:169.24 KB
Author:Unknown (maybe 'Rick'?)

DOOM 1.666 WADS The Gateway ; The Pedestal ; The Great DOOM
DAVE1.WAD - The Gateway DAVE2.WAD - The Pedestal DAVE3.WAD - The Great DOOM...Date:01/13/05
Size:149.89 KB

This is a practice level I made to try out the Doom Editor-The Real Thing....Date:01/12/05
Size:19.13 KB
Author:David Bruni

Dan & Dave 1.1 - DOOM 1
This was started using the MINE1 level which was distributed along with Doom Editor 2.60b. It has been modified from the original with many additions. If you play Ultra-Violence, be careful, there are a lot of monsters here!...Date:05/12/06
Size:53.42 KB
Author:Dan Lovett

Degeneration I
Size:49.17 KB
Author:Brian J. "Blazkowicz" Rowan, aka Brian J. Jacobs

Tunnel11.wad (Not exactly what is meant easy...)
You (and your friends stuck in old dungeon, it's dark, and it's ugly. Beware of the monsters - they are very, very hungry today...Date:05/23/05
Size:22.06 KB
Author:Günther H. Baumann Micha

[Note by the uploader:] This was released anonymously in at compuserve. daves2nd.wad by Dave Cameron was released in at compuserve. Because of that i'm 99 percent sure, that he's also the author of dmdv.wad....Date:04/13/07
Size:20.46 KB
Author:Dave Cameron (?)

Three Earth days ago (according to your chronometer), during a one-man assault on the Phobos Computer Station, you were knocked unconscious and taken captive by demon-possessed soldiers. When you awoke, you found yourself in a holding cell, in what a...Date:02/10/05
Size:55.63 KB
Author:Robert L. Goodwin

Try to survive in a nice looking location....Date:12/30/05
Size:51.55 KB

Arriving at an an abandoned military complex, you discover it's not so empty anymore....Date:06/16/05
Size:54.59 KB
Author:Patrick Hipps ( aka Patrix )

Quite a few new graphics thanks to DMgraph, it's a pretty tough level but by no means impossible, most people testing took about 20-30 min to complete. You need to use your brain not just your shotgun. Pay particular attention to some of the wall gra...Date:08/22/05
Size:124.98 KB
Author:Sean Briggs

The gridiron is all set up for what appears to be...Date:04/05/06
Size:12.38 KB
Author:Andrew Fritz

An evil haven battle fortress, chock full of things to kill and places to see. Enjoy the atmosphere, I do....Date:10/23/05
Size:60.27 KB
Author:Curtis M. Turner II

Fred's quest?...Date:12/30/05
Size:40.26 KB
Author:Gary Comer

Kill and survive....Date:08/22/05
Size:33.31 KB

"We're on an express elevator to hell, goin' down!" You have lost contact with the mining colony codenamed FURY. It is your job to find out what has happened to the colonists. Sound familiar? probably. This WAD is still fun to play though....Date:05/06/05
Size:54.93 KB
Author:Jason Ingram (aka Widowmaker)

The Gallery
"The Gallery" was my first finished DOOM level using the DOOM editing utilities (DEU) version 5.0. Although it's a simple level, and not too hard to beat, I keep getting drawn back to it for some reason. I built it as an exercise in "limited resource...Date:07/24/05
Size:24.4 KB
Author:Blackfist a.k.a Rich Dersheimer

Try this small WAD as the eigth level on the first episode. It's not large, but fun if you try it starting with a pistol only! NOTE: you must warp to level 8 on episode 1 for this WAD to work, it will not work if you change the WAD to any other level...Date:08/02/05
Size:15.43 KB
Author:Tim J. Ash (TinyTim)

Two nice levels to kill and survive!...Date:07/24/05
Size:46.2 KB

(Set the mood here but put any long story at the end)...Date:12/30/05
Size:8.48 KB

HANGAR.WAD for single and coop play....Date:06/07/05
Size:27.55 KB

Your mission: Survive!...Date:06/16/05
Size:15.93 KB

The action is hot and you are always in danger to fall into red lava....Date:02/03/06
Size:18.77 KB

Kill and enjoy!...Date:06/16/05
Size:20.27 KB
Author:Patrix a.k.a Patrick Hipps

This '94 deathmatch WAD takes as much out of the three dimensions, as it has been possible in the golden age....Date:02/03/06
Size:50.78 KB

You've gone into the pest control business by yourself, and the critters at this place are coming out of the walls! The owners don't seem too pleased about your activities - who called you in anyway? You START at the exit door. Remember where it...Date:07/29/94
Size:62.73 KB
Author:Nicholas Bell

Imps R Us
This is my 2nd level from scratch! I know from experience, that no one really appreciates the work that goes into making one of these levels, unless they themselves sit down and try to create something they haven't seen, or try to improve on things s...Date:08/22/05
Size:67.83 KB
Author:Dodd A. Snow

Try this level with no cheats for a great experience! Also is an excellent level for coop multi (so -so for deathmatch - too big) Before tackling the catwalk section, youll want the rocket launcher! Good luck! Comments appreciated....Date:10/23/05
Size:41 KB
Author:Doug Jacoby

Plenty of hidden passages and lots of room to run hide and explore. Good for a Death match. I built this level to confuse you. Enjoy any bugs sorry, drop me a line at the above address....Date:05/30/05
Size:29.98 KB
Author:Paul Pina

First DOOM .WAD that Ive ever Made. Short but fun. Use it as a base....Date:08/01/05
Size:15.86 KB
Author:Michael J. Heppler

A fun first level, large rooms, lots of fighting Single and two player mode....Date:08/01/05
Size:17.4 KB
Author:Michael J. Heppler

This is my first DOOM level, I constructed it with the DCK (Doom Construction Kit) available here on Compuserve. Tell me what you think....Date:05/12/06
Size:11.07 KB

Sorry, just boring old DMJON!
Ok, this doesn't really have a theme as such, it's just the only level that I really got finished. It's more a collection of things I tried out to see how they looked - personally, I think it looks good. It was in fact finished about 6mths ago, but I...Date:08/09/05
Size:70.2 KB
Author:Jon Grieve

Large level, lots of monsters to shoot. Could be very interesting playing in Deathmatch mode....Date:05/20/05
Size:32.09 KB
Author:David & Kathy Bruni

This is a revision to the keeper.wad. It has all the bugs worked out of it. Please replace the current keeper.wad with this one. Thankyou very much....Date:10/23/05
Size:51.7 KB
Author:Eric F. Varner

See designer.txt...Date:08/27/07
Size:149.41 KB
Author:Cobb Ervin

Killing Grounds
It's Dark, It's Hot, and It's part of Hell!...Date:05/26/05
Size:43.43 KB
Author:Greg Smith

Killin for DOOM
You have to be real tough to will in Ultra Violent Mode. All skill levels are supported. Multi-player mode is supported. There are a several different sections to explore: The BIG room, "Tricky places", and a Teleporting Kill Zone. There are a number...Date:04/05/06
Size:30.66 KB
Author:Michael Lefler

IMPS.WAD ver 1.0
This is my second shot at a doom level. I used Doom Editor (the real thing) v2.60b4. My first was not worth showing, but I like the area "outside" in this one. Very hard to finish on level 4, but it can be done....Date:08/01/05
Size:23.43 KB
Author:Kevin D. Morgan

Just a quick note to go with these four wads--I think that everything is ready to go--no bugs or unintentional traps. Thanks to the folks that helped play test these (some are still waiting to be tried in co-op and/or deathmatch mode)and to my wife, ...Date:05/23/05
Size:125.56 KB

My first level Version 2.0
It's my first level. It's a long and difficult one....Date:12/03/04
Size:104.95 KB
Author:François LAMOUREUX

My second level : it's a short one but a good one.
It's my second level. It's a small one very well designed and plenty of new ideas, as you'll se by yourself. I specialy made it for you enjoy !...Date:08/02/05
Size:57.95 KB
Author:François LAMOUREUX

Large building and outside area. A lot of doors. Good for deathmatch with monsters enabled....Date:08/09/05
Size:34.59 KB

Let's Make a Death (LetMak.WAD)
This is my first attempt at making a Doom level. There is nothing fancy since it is my first. It is named for the second room where there are two tripwires and if you cross the wrong one first you are pretty much dog food!! (Hint: Get the Plasma Gun ...Date:05/18/05
Size:16.86 KB
Author:Eric Featherngill (aka: Feather, Eric the Red, The Weez-zul!!)

This is the Lost Level of DOOM, the one your mother never told you about! A big, complex WAD, almost 200K, this one is not for novices....Date:02/05/05
Size:70.4 KB
Author:Tim J. Ash (TIMinator)

Hi all you DOOMers out there! Here is something I discovered that I thought you would like to use in your own DOOM levels. It involves using the line type 47 G1 Raise Floor. Use it to make things vanish instantly, even whole rooms! I have include...Date:08/22/05
Size:5.04 KB
Author:Sebastian Kirke

Seven days ago the "Mayfair" issued a distress call. The Mayfair is a deep exploratory vessel and is currently scouting a black hole in sector 95. Garbled reports of the distress call reported an unknown race of aliens attacking the ship. You are bei...Date:05/24/05
Size:32.29 KB
Author:Joe Vallee

Mike's 1st
This is my first wad built with DEU and BSP It's not a huge wad but it has it's moments. When the IMPS start appearing start blasting....Date:05/12/06
Size:23.94 KB
Author:Mike Lata - Agoura, California

Size:44.54 KB

Kill them!...Date:08/09/05
Size:18.34 KB

Mt. Doom
Short but sharp. Entering the nukage is fatal....Date:02/06/05
Size:12.53 KB
Author:Jim Flynn

MUDWADS Yeah, thats rite. MUD WAD'S
MUD1ST.WAD - My first full length, feature epic type challenge worthy of anyones GOD mode. This beauty has more monsters and demons than you can shake four rocket launchers at. There's a key hidden that you need to get into the room that goes to the ...Date:06/16/05
Size:112.61 KB
Author:Dave Swift

(The following text is from MULTI.TXT.) I have included three files in MULTI.ZIP: This text file, MULTI1.WAD and MULTI2.WAD. MULTI1.WAD is the original board I created, and MULTI2.WAD is the outcome after using BSP on my game. Try standing on the ele...Date:05/12/06
Size:28.95 KB

A temple with monsters. DMNAST.ZIP 48,412 11-27-94 Doom 1 Level - Nasty....Date:04/13/07
Size:47.1 KB

The Demons Found My Crack Supply!
A short map for Doom 1 intended to look like a map from KDITD, and is designed for fast monsters. DMNCRK_old.WAD is for playing pre-idgames upload demos from:
Size:69.37 KB

DemonGate v.1.0
Scenario: You have been sent to a high security complex to find out why you have lost communication with the building. When you arrive via teleporter, you discover that the building has been overtaken by demons. They have established a gateway to the...Date:08/09/05
Size:32.94 KB
Author:Tony Lipscomb

Emphasis on secrets, traps and size ;-) It helps to play E1M1 but it's not absolutely necessary :-) If you get 100% first time you used the cheat codes (or you're a DAMN fime DOOMER!!!) p.s. if you do it all 1st time/no cheats mail me and i'll make a...Date:05/24/05
Size:44.17 KB
Author:Ian C Hay

This patch file is for E1M1. Try it at first without the map or any cheats. It's my first attempt and hopefully not my last! Have fun!...Date:08/22/05
Size:14.5 KB
Author:Alan P Tye

This is a keeper. NUKEIT was made using DEU Editor. I really enjoyed learning this fine tool. I'm looking forward for future releases. A lot of time was spent aligning textures and adding lighting effects....Date:05/15/05
Size:57.38 KB
Author:Wayne Watt

You arrive in the lobby and head for the elevator to take you to another day at work, but something very strange is going on....Date:05/15/05
Size:50.27 KB
Author:Rick Kelly

Overlord.WAD [ --> FILTH.WAD , CHUMP.WAD ]
You have been sent up to one of the latest moon bases to keep it from being beset from the strange creatures that have been coming from the teleporters. Your brother was on the first mission, sent to Phobos. He found something there that made UAC sca...Date:12/22/04
Size:75.57 KB
Author:Todd Smith

So here it is: Paradox, E1M2. Where Showdown only included my favorite four of the baddies, Paradox has them all. (With the exception of the bosses.) Also present are some interesting plays on the usual constructs. As before, I spent exhaustive (No j...Date:05/30/05
Size:28.6 KB
Author:Rick DeMar

It's no secret, DOOMSDAY is a month away The Final level for 1.2 from this author, Once again no fancy story line just a lot of traps and secrets and some REALLY hard bits. :-) BTW If it seems really impossible, look around there IS a way. If...Date:05/24/05
Size:57.43 KB
Author:Ian C Hay

Your on vacation on Antares 3, sitting by the pool drinking Martian beer and watching the latest in scratch and sniff holoporn from Earth. A bellboy walks over and hands you a phone. It's Central Command. It seems the UAC boys at the Phobos1 research...Date:08/22/05
Size:87.4 KB
Author:James Jordan

The Pit of DOOM
Nice clean level for DOOM Players Tried to make it fairly bright. Lots of Ammo & Secret Doors etc......Date:06/21/05
Size:41.68 KB
Size:54.92 KB

M1. for trigger happy. M2. Run! M3. Revenge M4. Ride with you?...Date:03/03/06
Size:163.46 KB
Author:Yukihiro Ando

Predator At Large
This is the best PWAD I've ever built, and it's the second of a series. I will be working on the rest of the episode, so for any suggestions for better playability, etc. drop me a message via E-mail....Date:10/23/05
Size:63.1 KB
Author:Marty Ray ; A.K.A. (The Adjuster (Doom Ladder)

Private Hell Part 1
You have died. Your mission was a failure and you took a round to the head. Darkness fades and suddenly light is restored. You focus your eyes. You are in a a stone room. A chainsaw lies nearby and a box of rounds. Suddenly a face appears, shimmering...Date:05/23/05
Size:23.95 KB
Author:Matrix (Flagg)

Private Hell, Part III
You made it through the spider demon in Part I. You made it through the infestation of CacoDemons in Part II. Now, enter Baron Hell. This is the level your mother warned ya 'bout. You regain consciousness. Darklord appears before you yet again, laugh...Date:05/23/05
Size:31.94 KB
Author:Flagg aka Matrix

DMPRIS.ZIP 30047 06-26-94 This is another PWAD for DOOM about a prison escape where you are trying to get out with your friends....Date:04/13/07
Size:29.39 KB
Size:64.46 KB

Your trapped on that infernal moon base as usual. You've gotten to the point where you take out most everything that comes at you without blinking. You've become careless. You round a corner and meet a hail of fire and gunshot, and you're dead. You w...Date:06/30/04
Size:90.63 KB
Author:James Wilson (aka Shade)

Be Quick or Be Dead
No story to this WAD. I put the emphasis on traps and hidden rooms. You need to beware when backtracking, but its necessary to go back through some rooms. You must have the red key to exit but it will not be easy to get. If you are quick and can hide...Date:08/09/05
Size:42.67 KB
Author:Steve Faille

RED.WAD - RED for Deathmatch!
Explore this small but potent array of terror with your opponent(s) until you've seen all the RED you want to see! RED for Deathmatch! I personally would like to Welcome you to my second in a slew of customized PWAD files created for use with the...Date:12/02/05
Size:25.06 KB
Author:Vance Andrew Blevins - Tulsa, OK

Doom Mars Base
The Mars base, the center for all advanced scientific research of the UAC has stopped all communications with the PHOBOS base. You've done what an entire well trained millitary unit couldn't do 2 times over AND gone through hell, and now the millitar...Date:05/19/05
Size:50.67 KB
Author:Ramsey Hanafi, aka Anakin (Boston dwango) or Gamer X (compuserve)

The Revelation...
I have made an effort to make good playability for all difficulty levels, and also to make things look good. The construction is straight forward. Weapons: (Chain gun, Plasma gun, Shotgun, Rocket Launcher)...Date:05/20/05
Size:42.05 KB
Author:Erik D. Ryen, Norway

To All, This is my first attempt at building a wad file for DOOM. I hope you like it and send any comments to rick 76637,2625. Thanks and let me know whether you like it and why. Richard Chapin...Date:06/07/05
Size:19.04 KB
Author:Richard Chapin

The beginning is survivable. Really!...Date:02/08/05
Size:26.45 KB
Author:Jim Flynn

Clean Your Room
Designed for my son, his room is a mess. I experimented with multipaste and boobytraps.. hope you enjoy....Date:05/23/05
Size:8.31 KB
Author:Mark Marusak

DOOM "Sacrifice" Episode
This set of 6 episodes attempts to use mature levels of sophistication and puzzle solving rather than just turning up the volume. Children (you know who you are) may be bored. Levels increase in complexity, difficulty and violence. Definite considera...Date:09/07/94
Size:320.41 KB
Author:Ty Halderman and Robert Taylor

A DooM level, based on a school....Date:06/07/05
Size:11.78 KB

Scream Blood
Go around killing everything insight, you must battle imps, sergants, soldiers, Barons from Hell, the Robo Dudes, and last but not least, Spider Demon! (Look for Two Secret Rooms! These are good if you're playing Deathmatch and you need to hide on yo...Date:08/04/06
Size:13.66 KB
Author:Derek Peterson

STARDEATH "A star is dead" v1.0
A huge Deathmatch play level with a few nasties added to spice things up a little bit. Vigorously tested for two man deathmatch play but should support four man play. Average two man deathmatch game lasts between 20-30 minutes when playing to ten fra...Date:10/23/05
Size:23.79 KB
Author:Derek Morton

This is the first WAD file I've made so please forgive me for any screw-ups you may encounter with it....Date:12/18/04
Size:29.67 KB

Size:33.83 KB

Well, here it is: 9 completely new Doom levels all play tested and ready to go. I have fixed the problem with multi-player games. They are all set up for different difficulty levelsand multi- player games. I suggest doing them all in order without us...Date:08/10/05
Size:242.71 KB
Author:Ben Jordan

Shooting Gallery. This WAD has two rooms: One with everything you could want, and the second with a whole bunch of monsters....Date:04/13/07
Size:5.96 KB
Author:Bill Winsky

I call this particular level "Showdown". The reason for this is probably most apparent early in the game. My favorite four of the enemy list are represented here in droves, and classy weapons and bonuses abound (except for the BFG- 9000, which I thou...Date:05/26/05
Size:16.31 KB
Author:Rick DeMar

Shrine of the Warriors
You begin right next door to hell. in a twisted chamber used by hell spawn as a portal to the humans' realms. You venture beyond the portal to find... the Shrine. The shrine is a large complex that pays tribute to the hell spawn. Some what of a cro...Date:05/17/05
Size:89.6 KB
Author:Daniel "Stormin" Norman

The Slaughter of the Spiders
The Slaughter of the Spiders...Date:05/26/05
Size:54.23 KB
Author:Greg Smith

This is my first "official" wad. The idea behind it is a themeless, but varied scenery type adventure. I tried to make it scary and fun. Also, the area in which the level ends is the ground floor of my cabin near Mount Lassen....Date:05/31/05
Size:71.87 KB
Author:Ben-James Tippey

Special Operation Force
You are Sgt. Kebo Ludo. Member of the elite Special Operation Force left alone in a strange world. You have to solve how to get to end without being killed. Not only by defending yourself against all the lovely monsters who want you visit them at H...Date:05/13/05
Size:412.79 KB
Author:Gabriel Basco Guimaraens

SORROW.WAD <:-(...Date:05/26/05
Size:59.31 KB
Author:Harris CGI

DeathMatch on a mini Space Station!...Date:09/30/94
Size:72.33 KB
Author:Chris Badger, Modified by Sean Hawthorne

Kill them and survive!...Date:05/12/06
Size:37.83 KB

Kill them and survive!...Date:05/12/06
Size:26.46 KB

Very tiny. One-on-one with a cyberdemon but you got him surrounded... (!)....Date:02/08/05
Size:6.76 KB
Author:Jim Flynn

Kill the monsters. And enjoy the beauty of the architecture!...Date:10/23/05
Size:58.89 KB
A medium-sized level, somewhat above the average 1994 fare....Date:12/29/19
Size:61.26 KB

I don't know really its just based on a common circular courtyard that looks like a target from above....Date:02/21/05
Size:24.02 KB
Author:Tony Priest

Mutant TechNoids (Technical Nerds) have invaded. Your mission is to eradicate and escape. Lot's of hard to find doors and timing puzzles to solve....Date:05/15/05
Size:44.96 KB
Author:Rick Kelly

Teleport me Where??
Teleporters and patterns are the key to this level. As in all my wads there is a hidden switch to end the level. Lots of bad guys a perfect level for 2 or more. Look for the key to open the hidden door that leads to the way out. Weapons availability ...Date:05/30/05
Size:23.6 KB
Author:Paul Pina

A large, tough floor. Takes me 25 minutes to complete without cheating. Thought about making the map look like the state of Texas, but gave up on that, kept the name, though. Revised to support deathmatches....Date:06/16/05
Size:58.13 KB
Author:David Bruni

Theatre of Doom
All your buddies have gone to the movies and they've taken all the heavy weaponry with them! This level is designed as your average modern day movie theater, with a few twists. Run through your local cinema blasting all those annoying patrons in your...Date:08/08/05
Size:82.53 KB
Author:James Wilson (aka Shade)

This ______
So, you feel a little claustrophobic today. Well that's ok. Afraid of the Dark? Oh, and screams rattle your nerves. This is just a little level but has a few surprises. Ok and don't forget to check that map of yours from time to time. I think it will...Date:05/23/05
Size:9.19 KB
Author:Mark Marusak

Kill, enjoy and use your brain!...Date:10/23/05
Size:23.8 KB

A tricky level....Date:05/12/06
Size:47.94 KB

The Texas Tornado Deathmatch Wad
Well, I picked the name because a tornado just missed our house the other day. Seemed fitting for a wad file. This is a medium sized level. Pretty tough in the hard setting. No Cyberdemon or Spiderdemon. There are a few Barons, though :-). You'll nee...Date:06/17/05
Size:54.88 KB
Author:David & Kathy Bruni

My Second Level, What Fun.
Just my first attempt at a game with a theme behind it. Not much of a theme but a theme....Date:02/24/05
Size:43.23 KB
Author:Richard Chapin

Der Turm
This level is a downsized version of an extremely large level I created which would not save due to "savegame buffer overrun." This level has been tested on 3 different systems and exhibits no such problem. Pay attention to wall textures and che...Date:07/26/94
Size:88.4 KB
Author:Nicholas Bell

Up and Down
Short but moderately tough.......Date:02/08/05
Size:26.32 KB
Author:Jim Flynn

Secure Uranus
`Acorn Hardas' rides again - I played at pwad making with `The Impzone' and Imp Zone II, I tried harder with `Vengeance' but here's my best shot! I can only hope it gives as much pleasure playing it, as it gave me to construct. JUST HAVE FUN but...Date:01/22/05
Size:68.1 KB
Author:John A Warren - Derby, England

Urban Warfare - Episode 1: 5-Star Hotel
Welcome to a small desert town and a beautiful 5-star hotel. A place where your every desire can come true... Take a swim in the Olympic swimming pool; enjoy 5-star cuisine under the stars; and enjoy the night life at the night club. Problem is, the ...Date:12/02/05
Size:67.47 KB
Author:Ken Taggard

In the ruins of Deimos base, the mop-up crew found plans for a ship that will cross the void between the galaxies. This ship will enable the Hell-Spawn to spread their evil across the entire universe! The engineers at UAC have been able to beef up a ...Date:12/08/94
Size:139.06 KB
Author:Kevin McGrail (HevKev)

DOOM: War Games
Size:29.29 KB
Author:Emil Eisenhardt

Sort of an "Unholy Chapel". (Is it going to be a "White Wedding?") Q. What do ya get when you cross a Demon with a Cacodemon? A. I dunno, but hand me that rocket launcher, 'cause here it comes!...Date:05/12/05
Size:12.68 KB

You can tell that the keepers of Hell are toying with you, making you go around in circles as they welcome you back to hell.......Date:08/10/05
Size:44.78 KB
Author:Neal Rayner

The Wheel
Around and around.......Date:02/08/05
Size:21.6 KB
Author:Jim Flynn

Widow Maker
Clues discovered at Gates of Anguish and Despair base have led you to the corporate headquarters and genetics labs of UAC. The evil infestation has reached even here. You enter an otherwise unguarded building a take the elevator to the upper floor. T...Date:02/01/05
Size:141.67 KB
Author:David L. Farrington

This WAD file has been a long time in the making. I could sit here and make up some wonderfully boring background story, but I am not going to. I hope you enjoy this add-on. I guess I could give you a hint too: Not all switches are friendly!!...Date:01/13/05
Size:48.55 KB
Author:Dave Geary

A small level....Date:04/13/07
Size:13.71 KB

Watch Yer Back!
Completely new level from scratch. The builder of this level loves those little tricks that can be done in DOOM, So... Watch Yer Back!...Date:01/06/05
Size:25.63 KB
Author:Tom Boyles

The Court Yard
This level I tried to get a tier effect. There are many hidden doors and Keys.(you will need 2) As in all my wads there is a hidden switch to end the level. Lots of bad guys a perfect level for 2 or more. Look for the key to open the hidden door that...Date:05/30/05
Size:47.07 KB
Author:Paul Pina

The ZEUS Level is a showpiece for what can be achieved with a colour scanner and a little (ha!) patience. Not a technically stunning level design-wise, but a good taster of things-to-come when other people pick up the idea of new textures seriously. ...Date:02/22/08
Size:255.22 KB
Author:Stephen Renton

The DOOM Zoo has gone crazy. All the animals and zookeepers have mutated into, you guessed it, DOOM monsters. Your mission is to terminate ALL life forms at the Zoo....Date:06/16/05
Size:44.65 KB
Author:David Bruni

Deathmatch Alpha
You and your friends have decided to train on grounds you may find on a real mission. Within you find a temple with an exit leading outside and a military battleground in which to fight. You take a position and find your friend scrambling to find his...Date:10/23/94
Size:24.53 KB
Author:John Harris

Fleur De Mort
This is my first level. Created with DoomEd The Real Thing What an editor should be......Date:02/21/05
Size:55.04 KB
Author:Roger Rice

You (and your buddies in co-op mode) are the only survivor(s) of a UAC Marine Infantry strike to reclaim the UAC Logisitical Bases on Titan, one of the moons of Jupiter. The commanders did not know who or what had taken control of the facilites and a...Date:03/16/12
Size:88.21 KB
Author:Glen McColl

The Pfander Annihilation Level (v1.0)
Fun, challenging level that has some tricks and a couple secrets and surprises. Be wery careful, we're hunting some wascally imps!...Date:01/06/05
Size:137.61 KB
Author:Tom Boyles

D.O.A. --> "Dead on Arrival"
"Dead on Arrival" is an addon level for registered doom....Date:06/21/05
Size:25.91 KB
Author:Paul Knapp

D.O.A. --> "Dead on Arrival 12"
"Dead on Arrival" is an addon level for registered doom....Date:06/21/05
Size:16.49 KB
Author:Paul Knapp

D.O.A. - The Conspiracy (part 1)
The UAC dragged you out of your comfortable chair and beamed you to an old fortress in the Alpine foothills. The bastards at least left you with some decent firepower. After cleaning out this tourist trap, they'll beam you to an abandoned UAC researc...Date:08/22/98
Size:161.83 KB
Author:Dan L'Ecuyer

D.O.A. - The Conspiracy (part 2)
This is the last of a four-level series. Here you encounter The Conspiracy. Something is not right at the UAC (stay tuned for the full story). This is a fairly large map with a lot of detail, including several special effects (dontcha love that?). ...Date:11/11/98
Size:199.32 KB
Author:Dan L'Ecuyer

dodead.wad (Dawn of the dead - beta 2)
Replacement for episode 1. Mainly military/ tech style. Still under construction!...Date:06/15/97
Size:644.21 KB
Author:Jan Van der Veken

DOOM2NEW ---- Flaming 'Rroids of Mars.
Here are SIX new levels for episode 2. To play them you must copy the .WAD files, DOOM1-3 and DOOM4-6, to your Doom directory ( e.g. C:\DOOM ) and start Doom with the following command; DOOM -FILE DOOM1-3.WAD DOOM4-6.WAD This will add the new Wad...Date:07/03/06
Size:139.78 KB
Author:ing and title information. The missing textfile has now been discovered and uploaded together with t

Doom: Awesome, Episode 1
Remember episode 1, the original? Remember how simple it is? Simple architecture, simple detail, simple puzzles. That's what made all of the original episodes KICK ASS. For years people took this single episode, a monument to the perfection of gamepl...Date:07/06/07
Size:418.53 KB

Carnage DOOM PWAD add on file.
Very detailed. Runs better on a DX machine....Date:12/04/04
Size:52.4 KB
Author:Written By Unknown, Uploaded by Rick Kehres

Doom Castle
While you're backpacking in Europe a thunderstorm...Date:06/15/96
Size:205.5 KB
Author:Jim Murken

The Darkness Of Evil
An almost full episode of challenging & fun (I hope) levels. These took me a danged long time to write and playtest, so I hope you appreciate them. Please play them on Ultra-Violence. Read levels.txt for a description of each individual level. Pkunzi...Date:02/04/11
Size:351.91 KB
Author:Mark Anderson a.k.a Shadowpath a.k.a Boogeyman

DOOM ON A STICK...Date:05/13/05
Size:12.27 KB

Four bosses and yourself on a giant pool table....Date:04/13/07
Size:9.34 KB

Size:36.51 KB
Author:Robert Larkin

The automap shows a big smiling face with a hat....Date:05/31/05
Size:16.01 KB

You're on leave from your military base. You return to your one stop light town, in Texas. The enviro shell has been raised protecting the town from the dust-storms. As you get to your apartment across from the helo-jet pad. you fall asleap. The next...Date:09/13/94
Size:143.33 KB
Author:Todd Rodowsky

Doom Trek
Size:194.03 KB
Author:Chris Maslin & Brian Hallinan

WOW! IT'S SO INCREDIBLE! A Doom nuclear slugfest carnage battle with stuff and junk. CROW!!! -- thank you for downloading my doom wad file. this is my second doom patch wad file, which is considerably less complicated than DOOMWD14 or MISSION1....Date:04/13/07
Size:27.83 KB
Author:Rich Kyanka a.k.a. CROW (mst3k)

thank you for downloading my doom wad file. where should i start? this wad is my first upload to a bbs system. this level is pretty complex (but if you're a stud i guess it's no problem) with a sh*tload of switches, rises, airducts, invisable walls...Date:04/13/07
Size:60.55 KB
Author:Rich Kyanka a.k.a. CROW (mst3k)

Sprawling underground maze of tunnels. My first effort at DOOM forming so please be kind. Comments Encouraged!!...Date:10/23/05
Size:29.62 KB
Author:Stuart Greig

Enjoy to kill!...Date:04/13/07
Size:32.88 KB

DOOR TO HELL, be Welcome to your worst NiGtMaRe...
09 levels totally tested (ok!) that you can check out and play... and don't forget to save your game advances. (Well, I don't say it is hard to play... heh,heh... prove it ;)...Date:04/03/01
Size:439.94 KB
Author:Javier Fernando Almenara Otoya.

I learned how to make doors finally and so decided to go a little crazy with it. I'm still learning how to use many of the powerful features that are found in DEU and enjoying playing my own creations. There are LOTS of doors to open, and are secret....Date:05/23/05
Size:45.96 KB
Author:Phillip S. Pittz

Size:63.62 KB
Author:Brian Tottleben

Do That Imp
My 1st attempt at building a level. Please tell me your comments, good & bad. There are player starts for co-op and deathmatch, but since I have little experience with either, I don't know if the level's good for that. I had only my husband and mysel...Date:07/12/95
Size:56.4 KB
Author:(Creator) Tina M. Edwards

First attempt...Date:05/23/05
Size:12.1 KB
Author:Doug Haynes

DOWN TOWN - Down.wad for Doom (1)
Down town is an average American town inhabited by alien monsters. WARNING: Some of the monsters use bad language. HINT: Demons generally stay off the sidewalk....Date:05/24/98
Size:263.37 KB
Author:David Meurin - May 1998

Dark Passage
This is a long level with a long history. Mr. Chris (Chris Pisarczyk) and the late Phobosdeimos1 (Callum Oliver) started this map during the development of Doom the way id Did, probably a year or so before it was officially released. I joined in afte...Date:07/21/13
Size:114.49 KB
Author:Chris Pisarczyk, Jeff Shark, Callum Oliver

A massive level that originally started out looking like a dragon. However, due to size limitations of the DEU editors (See below), I was forced to shrink and stuff a few sections until it ended up looking more like a mutant hunchback doberman with a...Date:05/17/94
Size:83.93 KB
Author:Ron Williams

Half-Baked Meaningless Babble: Ok folks, here it is, the long awaited (haha) DRDEATH1 patch wad for your killing pleasure. I enjoy DOOM wads with a space station motif, but I don't exactly enjoy running around trying to solve all kinds of puzzles. Th...Date:01/25/05
Size:73.16 KB
Author:Dr. Death of The X Organization (XoRg)

Size:36.57 KB

Dark World I
This level has a lot of maze like halls and requires all the key cards to pass. There are eight secrets....Date:04/29/95
Size:25.15 KB
Author:Stephen Holste

Dreamland (release 2)
A medium-sized level featuring a few nice ideas, including two mazes. There *is* a secret exit to E1M9. This WAD is called 'Dreamland' because most of the design work came to me in a dream. Scary, eh!? Changes in release 2: Quite a lot, mostly affect...Date:03/03/14
Size:76.66 KB
Author:Martin Bazley

Dirty Harry Dies Here!!
Dirty Harry died and he went to Hell. Have fun....Date:02/10/97
Size:914.47 KB
Author:Johnny Mnemonic

Drug Me
A rather large level. I had it up past 300K, but had to "trim" once Doom started crashing. Features many areas designed for multiplayer (deathmatch or co-op), including windows and some sniping spots. Can be played completely with single player, thou...Date:07/16/94
Size:93.79 KB

World of Chaos
You must stop those pesky imps from draining the powers of the Barons of Impania, and to do that, you must infiltrate the Imp Base and steal the keys.. then, break into the temple, which has been taken over by the few survivors of this war (The demon...Date:04/16/98
Size:34.83 KB
Author:Matt Drury a.k.a. Bitterman

Power Plant
Size:224.18 KB
Author:David J. E. Simmonds

Size:94.86 KB
Author:David J. E. Simmonds

SKULL (dskull.wad.WAD)
A huge, fairly straight foreward level that is shaped like the top portion of a skull. It's not all that difficult to complete, but nearly impossible to find all the secrets. I have installed more teleporters than nescessary in order to allow quick a...Date:10/22/94
Size:81.3 KB

This is an update of dethstar (I know that dethstar is a stupid name but what would you call it?). There are a very few minor bug fixes and new music has been added....Date:04/13/07
Size:23.98 KB
Author:Jackson Harvey

The Beginning
DTH1 is the first Level of the Episode Doomed to Hell. There isn't any Story, well you're Doomed to Hell, don't ask me why. [Note by the uploader: this WAD has been released in at least two versions. In this package i include the older version an...Date:06/22/05
Size:208.02 KB
Author:Fabian Thylmann (aka Belgian Waffle), Florian Freese (aka Housemann)

This is a deathmatch or coopertive mode wad for doom or ultimate doom. This is my first successful attempt to build a good looking and playing wad. Send me any suggestions at the above Email address. Thanks, I can use all the help I can get =:-)...Date:04/15/96
Size:14.57 KB
Author:James Butler

I think the name says it all. Its playable but tough. This was an experiment in building a simple level that would be dangerous and make the most of a player's skills. It may be easier to play cooperatively, and deathmatch will be deadly. Warning! Th...Date:02/01/05
Size:27.47 KB
Author:David L. Farrington

Don't Think of a Pinky Demon
As you look out the window you see the exit staring you in the face! Follow the long short path......Date:06/02/16
Size:77.69 KB
Author:Serge Haikin

Rec Facility
This map is actually for DTWID, but I decided to upload a file to the /idgames archive for the first time, and this was the only real complete map I had at the time. For those who don't know what DTWID is, you might want to check out the thread so yo...Date:05/20/11
Size:46.71 KB
Author:Jeff Scarsha (Marnetmar)

This is my 1st WAD so please don't flame me if you don't like it. This WAD is a replacement for E1M1. Maybe some of you will find it too big to be played in deathmatch but I think it should be funny the same !. Originally it was full of barrels,decor...Date:11/07/94
Size:105.23 KB
Author:Mauro Ferri

You start in a creepy forest, shots ring out. Get going. Into the dungeon and out again. Watch your ammo, there is a best method....Date:07/14/94
Size:27.12 KB
Author:Miles Constable

Duo_1 is a deathmatch level set in an abandoned Command & Control Center. There are no monsters here, but your buddy came down with DOOMentia must be hunted down & killed. BTW, he will be hunting you too. There a numerous windows, sniper positions,...Date:05/12/94
Size:30.25 KB
Author:DOOMented DUO Team - Will Chapman, Chris Allis

A very crappy level... It's my FIRST!...Date:08/10/05
Size:29.52 KB

This is my first attempt, so let me know....Date:05/27/96
Size:462.38 KB
Author:Mark Holland

If you are looking for a hard level to finish, well you got the wrong one here, this level is made strictly for playing Deathmatch! Sure there are monsters, but for a veteran, this level will be cake! Although there are a few good secrets with some g...Date:12/30/04
Size:18.89 KB
Author:Michael Giles (Dwarf)

This level would have had more, but I had problems with the texture I used (Redwall1, beware), so I gave up and decided to make another level with the remaining ideas (and another texture). Well, basically, this level is another Deathmatch joy, w/ no...Date:12/30/04
Size:15.73 KB
Author:Dwarf (Michael Giles)

If you suck at Doom don't play this level, it's not worth your time. Erase it now. Or, if you don't have Super DooM Guns, wait till you do. Otherwise, read on. Well, just like the last, this level is made for those who think they are badass players...Date:12/30/04
Size:12.08 KB

Death on wheels (Dwheel.wad)
This is my first try at making a DOOM level... it's pretty tough so be careful!!...Date:05/18/05
Size:22.94 KB
Author:Dennis Featherngill

Duse Ex Machina
Size:110.12 KB
Author:Andy Leaver

Dead Zone v1.00
An epic level named after the Dragon Ball Z movie, Dead Zone. Hope it's worthy of the name. (BTW, keep in mind I made this level... WITH MONO!... well, symptoms at least. I never did get tested, but I'm sure I had it.)...Date:05/03/99
Size:109.67 KB
Author:Brad Carney

Well, arrive at a pre-determined point in the level...and you find some weapons and ammo...and you take a look around...and you see some really scary bit-maps come at you...and you shoot them with your 8-bit "Digi-Blaster"...and they groan and ...Date:08/28/11
Size:320.15 KB
Author:David J. Reid a.k.a. MoonLust

E1L1KP.WAD is a brand new level for all you doom addicts who are tired of looking at the same old ones, or seeing the same maps with only different objects, wall textures, etc. It can be used in both normal play mode an in DEATHMATCH mode. It's a '...Date:05/12/94
Size:9.36 KB
Author:Karl R. Peters

This is a new E1M1 level, made with NewDEU 4.2. Try it at "Ultra-Violence"... You don't know how to use this file? It's easy: DOOM -FILE E1L1RQ.WAD Have a nice DOOM!...Date:10/03/04
Size:11 KB
Author:Raphael Quinet

This is my first level to a complete adventure I'm working on. The hardest level is very tough. The medium and easy levels play accordingly....Date:08/22/05
Size:52.94 KB
This is our (Chris Burton and Chris Straw) contribution to the doom pwad pool. Hope you enjoy it. It's quite the challenge on ultraviolent level! Hehe :) I've played extensively on the modem. It's great if I do say so myself. ...Date:05/12/94
Size:27.52 KB
Author:Chris Burton and Chris Straw

Maps From Memory
A bit more than an episode's worth of recreations of Doom's e1m1, "Hanger", all of which were made entirely from memory. There isn't much new gameplay here, or stunning new visuals, but if you think it might be interesting to see what different Doom ...Date:06/20/09
Size:208.16 KB
Author:Creaphis (wad compiler), ArmouredBlood, The Green Herring, Enjay, TimeOfDeath, LogicDeluxe, Nuxius,

This level replaces Episode 1, Map 1. It is a stand-alone level and *NOT* intended to blend in with the standard DOOM levels. The skill levels are different than what you may be used to. "Ultra Violence" is a major monster-fest and intended only for ...Date:05/28/94
Size:109.06 KB
Author:Scott A. Smith

A boss arena for E2M8, notibly more challenging than what the Id version is like. Expect to be dodging and moving a lot in this one....Date:09/06/09
Size:12.99 KB
Author:Mr. Chris

This series of two levels takes place in a military base, after you have returned from Hell. It was originally designed for single player, but supports deathmatch and cooperative (pretty well, if I do say so myself.)...Date:05/17/94
Size:99.58 KB
Author:Greg Clark

In The Hell of the Mountain King Light Above, Darkness Below Keep your head and DON'T PANIC. This is the first level of what I hope to be a complete episode when I'm done....Date:04/05/06
Size:20.41 KB
Author:Geoffrey C. Grabowski
This is a totally new level made using deu5bet4 program. It's not a hack of an existing level, it's NEW....Date:04/29/94
Size:7.87 KB

I found this old PWAD of mine and decided to release it....Date:05/30/01
Size:186.15 KB

E2M1_JOE.WAD Version 1.0
E2M1_JOE.WAD is a brand-new DOOM multi-player WAD file made from scratch featuring moving floors (emulating large elevated platforms) with corridors leading off to weapons and various items. There are also tons of barrels, all weapons except f...Date:07/13/94
Size:6.41 KB

A level for guys who want mainly to fight. You are now at Deimos moonbase in front of an area that was...Date:06/09/94
Size:98.61 KB
Author:Martin Titz
A great completely new level by Brendy Ebel. The unfinished version was called "E1M7BCE1.WAD". Now here is the full version. This level is fun for multi or single player and for registered DOOMers only....Date:05/12/94
Size:16.99 KB
Author:Brendy Ebel

Mars Adventure
Mars Adventure is replacement for episode 2. Explore the mars and find your wayback to Earth if there is any, you will see the ending on your own....Date:11/13/22
Size:118.19 KB

Moon Chainshaw Massacre
You have defeated the mighty mean blood sucking zombies, and you are alone in Deimos moon, without any possibility of getting out. For hours you walk through whats left... suddenly you find a little shuttle, and you can get out of this infern...Date:03/30/95
Size:291.76 KB
Author:Hendrik Teixeira, Pedro Lopes, Joao Lopes, Luis Lourenco Lopes

Pit and the pendulum
OK, so it's a vertical pendulum! But the pit is unmistakeable. Important note: You are not expected to get a 100% kill rate in this WAD. Two of the monsters are best left alone....Date:08/16/94
Size:26.38 KB
Author:Roger Musson

It's earth, it's home, and it sucks. You expected a welcome party hosted by friends and family, but looks like the Hellspawn are hosting this one, and it ain't a welcome party, it's a sweet goodbye....Date:05/19/05
Size:50.31 KB
Author:Ramsey Hanafi, aka Anakin (Boston dwango) or Gamer X (compuserve)

This level is the result of countless hours and many late nights of working, working, working and re- working the map to get it right (as you DOOM editors know, DEU5.0 can be very uncooperative!). Anyway, I think this level has that "id" feel to it. ...Date:08/17/10
Size:43.18 KB
Author:Mal Blackwell

Eternal Damnation
4 Vanilla maps themed after the original Ultimate Doom episodes, first 2 maps are close to the style of the original maps, while the remaining 2 have a different style...Date:11/25/18
Size:408.93 KB

Mr. Edwardo :-)
Lots of guns and invisabily things. Play Ultra-Violence and it gets pretty hard....Date:09/14/94
Size:20.18 KB
Author:Mike Cole

Escape From Baron Hill
Okay, so your on this expedition, with the prime directive in mind, "To find and destroy new life and new civilizations, to boldy kill what needed to be killed anyway." Unfortunately, the pilot of your ship was hammered and ran BAM into a mountaintop...Date:04/08/96
Size:59.06 KB
Author:Crispy (As I am known to many)

9 fun levels for Doom......Date:02/24/05
Size:253.38 KB
Author:Paul Ladas

UAC has been trying to stage a counter- attack on Hell, via the realms of the four elements: Air, Water, Earth and Fire. The effort has gone awry, the demons are winning, and you have gone in to eliminate all opposition....Date:09/12/94
Size:527.25 KB
Author:Neal Ziring

A "stock" Doom PWAD for Episode 1, mission 4...Date:05/12/94
Size:26.39 KB
Author:Kevin Haley

Size:125.22 KB
Author:Steve Duff

(E1M1) This is my first PWAD,so don't criticise it !. It is not very large,but pretty difficult in UV (try it,because in easy and medium level it's not that challenging)....Date:11/24/95
Size:89.56 KB
Author:Stephane Schmitz

Emblem is 9 level replacement mod for The Ultimate Doom (-complevel 3). The wad is vanilla-compatible, meaning you should be able to run this in virtually any port with minimal problems, so long as your port of choice can support DeHackEd properly. T...Date:06/26/22
Size:5.5 MB
Author:Gabriel "JustAthel" Schlegel

EMPIRE SERIES --> Part 1, 2, 3 and 4 (for DooM1)
These .wad's will challenge all Doom players regardless of skill level. Features: - support for all 5 skill levels - superb DEATHMATCH level - demo included - challenging puzzles - well placed monsters - use of all three keys - can be completed wit...Date:06/26/05
Size:185.17 KB
Author:Tim Willits

The Beginning of the End (part 1)
You have just stumbled on to a great set of DOOM wads! These puppies took me forever to create, and I assure you you'll like 'em. They're better than most. If you still have Doom on your hard drive, grab these wads! If not, get it back! You'll want t...Date:05/10/97
Size:1.28 MB
Author:Emil Brundage

The Enygma Disaster
An invasion force has taken an old mining camp and converted it into a base in which to implement the destruction of our world. They constructed devastating explosives and chemical weapons. Their plan worked, and we were unable to stop them in time. ...Date:04/01/97
Size:242.25 KB
Author:Pete Kolts (Psyborg)

Episode Hell
Size:383.97 KB
Author:Moe (alias)

This is a collection of the finest, custom made DOOM levels ever made :) EPI1BEST.WAD replaces Episodes 1 to Episodes 8 in DOOM v1.2 REGISTERED! It will not work in the shareware version!...Date:05/25/94
Size:259.02 KB
Author:Eugen Woiwod

This is a collection of the finest, custom made DOOM levels found on the Internet and from various other places :) EPI2BEST.WAD replaces E2M1 to E2M8 in DOOM v1.2 REGISTERED! It will not work in the shareware version!...Date:05/25/94
Size:315.66 KB
Author:Eugen Woiwod

This is a collection of the finest, custom made DOOM levels found on the Internet and from various other places :) EPI3BEST.WAD replaces E3M1 to E3M8 in DOOM v1.2 REGISTERED! It will not work in the shareware version!...Date:05/25/94
Size:384.37 KB
Author:Eugen Woiwod

"Epic, being my first playable level and such, has no definite theme. At first I was thinking of setting it inside a spacecraft but the level soon got out of hand. So don't waste your time trying to discern a unifying meaning; it isn't there. Also, f...Date:10/24/21
Size:68.21 KB
Author:Thomas Subias

EPIC11.WAD (v 1.0)
Conspiracy of bad guys and architecture. Ammo conservation required. Perfectly possible without cheating ... Comments (direct email) very welcome....Date:06/13/94
Size:44.62 KB
Author:Max Schaefer

The Fortress
A whole new DooM episode to play. Has both cooperative and deathmatch ability. Both are fun to play with. Also has new grafx, sndfx, musics, and a new monster, the WINGED IMP! I made this episode as a tribute to the greatest game on the planet, eve...Date:04/26/98
Size:539.01 KB
Author:Matt Drury

epsilone.wad (epsilon eridani wad)
: Check out the frazzled titlepic graphic replacement! While a planet in the epsilon eridani system was very earth-like, its inhabitants were not that friendly to earthlings. So you were to find out when you discovered it....Date:03/05/95
Size:81.82 KB
Author:Douglas Ryerson

The Lost Worlds
An nine-map episode for (Ultimate) Doom, with replacement music (by Jean-Michel Jarre), some new sounds and new graphics for title pic and stats screens. For detailed descriptions (in Czech) see the original text-file....Date:03/03/06
Size:964.29 KB

Size:1.83 MB
Author:Jerry Lehr, Jr

This wad file was created with deu 5.21 and the nodes were built with BSP12w (beta version). It is intended as a replacement level for E1M4. The name ESCAPE.WAD is given just for the sake of giving it a name. I call it DSE1L4.WAD, but infant2 wads...Date:09/06/94
Size:23.27 KB
Author:David Silver

This wad is not for the Doom Newbie. Sizing out at 360k, I'd recommend a 486 and 8 megs and a fast video card to play it....Date:12/20/04
Size:125.7 KB
Author:Mark Spaeth (Wayne Gretzky)

A spooky castle with skeletons in the dungeons. You have been incarcerated here for a few years after unsuccessfully attempting to storm the place on your own (a foolish thing to do). Still, your superiors think you might have useful information (if ...Date:01/23/05
Size:60.42 KB
Author:Sebastian Kirke

See SCENARIO.TXT...Date:05/12/24
Size:171.82 KB
Author:Jason Beaudreau (RUSHGOD) Kevin Beaudreau (TULKAS)

Escape From Wolfenstein
A very Wolf3D 'feel'! Escape From Wolfenstein is tough... the tough part actually is finding the exit without cheat codes....Date:01/06/05
Size:38.52 KB
Author:Tom Boyles

Size:118.94 KB
Author:John DiSaia

This set of 8 levels has been made with the word quality in mind. It's Mind here, not Muscles! We have tried to find a good mixture of action, architecture and adrenaline. Some of the levels may be a breeze, others may be a real pain in the *ss. But ...Date:11/07/94
Size:452.31 KB
Author:Bjorn Hermans and Holger Nathrath

Size:52.64 KB
Author:info Also did fame.wad (doom1), gallery2.wad and gloire.wad (doom2).

I recommend to read the story before you go and kick the demons' butt !...Date:09/26/94
Size:162.92 KB
Author:Joerg Findeisen

Evil Realm 1 version 1.10
A difficult WAD, but 100% possible...Date:02/06/05
Size:24.44 KB
Author:Christopher Thomas Richardson (Tabasco)

Evil Twin
Everything I seem to do involves symmetry. I have tended follow this principle throughout this, my first WAD. I've tried really hard to make it good to play, so please don't dismiss it. The Evil Twins watch over the central dungeon and if you make it...Date:06/21/96
Size:57.59 KB
Author:Matt Sefton

Evil Unleashed
Demons have taken over research labs on Mar's moon Phobos. The demons have redecorated the labs to accomadate their needs. The demons have also put their guards in certain areas to insure that no trespassers get through. Only they know which button t...Date:05/29/12
Size:90.2 KB
Author:Stedman Wilson

My first attempt!...Date:05/12/94
Size:41.33 KB
Author:Ian Suhrstedt

Evil's Playground (Diabolique part two)
The second part from the project "Diabolique". This wads have a strong Episode 3 Style. The first part of this wad is incluided. Diabolique (E3M2) which is very similar to E3M5 Evil's Playground v1.3 has some minor textures fixes and I added some gre...Date:05/25/01
Size:123.91 KB
Author:Pablo Dictter

E2M1 replacement PWAD. Named for the reason of having to be really good at doom to play this level....Date:09/04/94
Size:48.74 KB
Author:ED HINCKLEY & Knightmare

Size:274.07 KB
Author:Steven Doornbos

This level was especially made for my free.lmp of my Doom Master test. If you want to see more great levels, get amfdoom.wad!...Date:10/17/97
Size:7.46 KB

Exploring the Lost
Dark, wide open, and enemies just wanting to eat your flesh with a toothpick (if they had one)...Date:02/10/05
Size:59.47 KB
Author:Denver J. Curtis

Extremal Doom
3 new episodes, PWADized by entryway...Date:02/03/06
Size:755.92 KB
Author:Mikle Ilyin

Eye of the Storm.
My first PWAD. It got out of hand and grew and grew. Lots of secrets. Many ideas, puzzles and aesthetic rooms in there. Much better than the original E1M8! (Though not mean't as a replacement)...Date:03/12/95
Size:178.01 KB
Author:Mark Riel

Fury's Ambush
Infuriated by her losses, the Spiderboss was able to intercept your pursuit with her elite squads. This is my first released level and its design concept is quite simple, but I really like how it turned up. You'll probably see. You'll see a mini- a...Date:06/27/05
Size:9.4 KB
Author:Ioan Chera - Ebon (Fine, now I revealed myself)

Demon House: Lost Warpgate
My FIRST ever finished map released to the public. Unfortunately, don't be that impressed by its name. It used to be E1M1 of a grand old imaginary megawad (heheheh) which I gladly discarded... While it's not the most user-friendly (read below) map,...Date:07/10/05
Size:125.69 KB
Author:Ioan Chera "Ebon"

Confruntation with Otto
This is a remake to Wolfenstein 3-D's confruntation with Otto Giftmacher (first nocturnal mission.) It's just the boss level being remade. The chosen boss is the spiderdemon (again) not the cyberdemon, because I find the latter boring....Date:07/10/05
Size:14.75 KB
Author:Ioan Chera "Ebon"

Facility H
Simply a speedmap based on classic doom...Date:11/09/08
Size:17.5 KB
Author:Stephen Whittaker

What's behind door number 1, 2 or 3? From the beginning...Date:02/24/95
Size:43.54 KB
Author:Daniel Weed

Megaconglomocorporation inc. is under attack by (gasp!) DEMONS! They've turned the main Genetics Factory into one massive machine which is working with the earth's molten core and cool, liquid surface to build just ONE THING! What? . . . It's your jo...Date:03/18/96
Size:24.14 KB
Author:Sam Robison

Fae Pente
I was inspired by 5 minutes WAD and it came very bad!!!...Date:09/02/11
Size:27.66 KB
Author:Michael "Optimus" Kargas

E1M1 An enhancement of my first test wad. Walk on the red carpet. E1M2 A rather big theatre level. Experience being on and off stage. E1M3 A smaller theatre level in ancient style. E1M4 Avoid demon crossfire, if you can. A rather big and tou...Date:11/26/98
Size:135.54 KB

Kill and survive....Date:06/10/06
Size:8.39 KB

Favillesco Alpha Episode: Apostasy on Amalthea
Alpha Doom themed episode, it runs on E4 due to special tag availabilities, not being the original E4 episode planned for the favillesco series though. This episode takes place on the moon Amalthea, the biggest moon of jupiter after the 4 galilean mo...Date:01/18/14
Size:1.72 MB
Author:Nicolas Monti

Favillesco Alpha Episode 2: Desecration on Thebe
Another alpha episode for the favillesco series this one is set on Thebe, another moon of Jupiter and runs on E3. This one uses the same texture resources as Amalthea's Apostasy except for a different sky. Several flats are repeated because 2 differe...Date:03/21/15
Size:2.15 MB
Author:Nicolas Monti

Favillesco - Episode 1: Genuflected on Io V1.2
this is the first episode of what is intended to...Date:07/25/13
Size:589.96 KB
Author:Nicolas Monti

Favillesco - Episode 2: Tragedy over Europa V1.1
this is the second episode of what is intended to...Date:09/02/13
Size:634.59 KB
Author:Nicolas Monti

Flashback: demo
Here it is; the demo of the Flashback megawad. Designed in the spirit of the original levels, with doom.exe compatibility. Hope you'll enjoy playing the levels as much as we enjoyed making them. There are six maps; one from E1, two from E2 and E3 a...Date:12/10/03
Size:439.07 KB
Author:Torn (team leader), Espi, Erik Alm

Flashback: demo 2
Here it is; the second demo of the Flashback megawad. Designed in the spirit of the original levels, with doom.exe compatibility. Hope you'll enjoy playing the levels as much as we enjoyed making them. Next release will be the final wad. There are ...Date:12/09/08
Size:579.03 KB
Author:Torn (team leader), Esselfortium, Espi

The Final Conflict
(See text file inside ZIP)...Date:12/02/04
Size:138.94 KB
Author:Cliff Pennock

warning! this is an ADVANCED level ! It plays well in multi player mode and features some nasty adversaries in some very interesting tactical environments. Fear21 has been well tested in both multiplayer and single modes,and if played skillfull...Date:05/12/94
Size:35.69 KB
Author:Walter Humphrey

As you stumble through the rocky landscape of the Deimos moon you come across a dead body, something you've become quite used to, clutching a burnt and shredded piece of paper. You pry the sheet from his fingers and read it. You can only make out a l...Date:12/02/04
Size:35.97 KB
Author:James Wilson (aka Shade)

This is a DOOM Wad designed using DOOM Editor for Windows Vers2.60B4. It is intended to be medium difficulty on all levels of play. It is not very artistic, but it is new, original, and I think that it's fun, so please enjoy it. To play, simply type ...Date:04/13/07
Size:19.1 KB

Yet another hack and slash and bite and kill in any way you possibly can before you run out of ammunition level. Good for single player or cooperative play. Not too good for deathmatch. This is probably the last level I create that isn't specifically...Date:04/13/07
Size:21.91 KB
Author:Kenneth S. Forte

A simple castle with some fine details and level-specific textures, such as a torch housing, a window frame and several wall hangings based upon various word processing fonts....Date:02/12/00
Size:323.18 KB

This is a brand new complete Doom level created using DEU 5.0 with a little help from bsp 1.0.....both great tools and almost as much fun as playing Doom itself. This level has become a little too large - just recompiling it takes nearly 10 minu...Date:05/12/94
Size:44.81 KB
Author:Grahame Fairall
Second wad in the 'fez' collection (OK I know it's also E1M1)......lots more evil traps and secrets and a heap more experimentation but predominantly lots of blasting............ It's hard but everything is possible... however unlikely that may see...Date:05/06/94
Size:55.21 KB
Author:Grahame Fairall

Fieldhouse (Beta Version)
It's a rough approximation of the sports at St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia....Date:01/25/96
Size:20.9 KB
Author:Stephen J. Speck

REoL TOUGH: Castle of the Damned! The grand finale for the PC game DooM! (legalized version)
This is the moment the world has been waiting for! New sounds, sprites, graphics! A 8 level episode, plus a four level mini episode for Ultimate DooM! A castle was taken over, now you have to flush out the demons! Please read !!READ!!.BAT !...Date:09/30/06
Size:1.69 MB
Author:King REoL

Small game. Monsters feed in when they hear shooting. Rooms that are accessed only when floor drops....Date:10/19/96
Size:9.63 KB
Author:Tanner McCarron

The Final Fight
After fighting your way through the Shores of Hell (man were you ever Knee Deep in the Dead at the time), you think back on the Inferno. That was kinda cool you think to yourself. Oh well, nothing left for me to do except go home and watch T.V. All o...Date:01/24/95
Size:135.04 KB
Author:David McGruther

A nice looking level....Date:04/13/07
Size:12.64 KB

This level has some very tough bad dudes. But, it also has some little tricks and traps to help you defeat them....Date:10/23/05
Size:24.96 KB
Author:Chris Kuehner

This is the first wad file that I have released to the public, although I have a couple of others waiting to be uploaded. It contains all three keys, and it is a fairly large level. To rebuild the nodes, the reject data, and the blockmap in DEU took ...Date:12/03/95
Size:54.39 KB
Author:Michael Freeth
This map is my very first attempt at mapping. I made it somewhere back in 2009, a couple of months after Doom Builder 2 came out. Its a typical tech base map but its very short....Date:04/05/11
Size:15.02 KB
Author:Alexandra "Archvile78" T.
This is our first attempt at a wad file for DOOM! It runs on E1M1 and shouldn't work with the shareware version! We haven't implemented different skill levels or multiplayer or deathmatch level cos we're too lazy to be bothered...I can't play death...Date:06/27/94
Size:15.32 KB

This is my first attempt at a big WAD file. I used mine1.wad as the basis for the map, changed a few linedefs and added a big section onto it. It's totally populated, and the four difficulty levels are active. It's also been set up for cooperative ga...Date:05/12/94
Size:22.53 KB
Author:J.D. Frazer

This is a level which was originally intended to be a simple copy of our flat. Our flat proved to be very boring so I added a subterranian section. This does not have to be explored to complete the level. There are some areas that were specifically a...Date:06/06/94
Size:53.56 KB
Author:Nick Kean

This my first wad,it's dumb,best to get out of my system....Date:02/12/95
Size:9.32 KB
Author:Patrick Chee

Ice Floes
After the intricate detail of Demon Base, I decided to go for the grand scale this time. Marvel at the views from the top of the enormous ice shelves! Actually, don't, because you'll die. It's not that easy....Date:03/03/14
Size:66.12 KB
Author:Martin Bazley

This level started out as a way to view all the textures in situ, as it were. The east side of the map has all the floor/ceiling textures (they're both the same), in ten rows of ten, plus an 11th row of a few stragglers. The rugs, as I like to cal...Date:05/12/94
Size:39.25 KB
Author:John L.

Flash of Death
3 fairly small, but tough maps replacing e4m1-e4m3 of Ultimate Doom. Originally was going to be a full 9 map episode, but I decided to stop at 3 maps for certain reasons....Date:12/31/05
Size:138.09 KB
Author:Cyberdemon (Mike Watson)

The first in a stunning series of levels Dyiing to KILL you!, don't hang around just boot it....Date:08/20/94
Size:54.66 KB

Food Processing
Originally intended as an Episode I D:E map. The second serious map I made coming out of retirement (after WTC911) and the last map I made completely in DoomCAD....Date:07/23/04
Size:106.79 KB
Author:Owen "Sarge Baldy" Lloyd

Fordham Doom
The layout of this WAD for the Ultimate Doom is *very* loosely based on Keating Hall and the Walsh Library, two buildings that Fordham alumni will recall with varying degrees of fondness. Personally, I think both buildings look like Castle Frank...Date:01/06/99
Size:65.06 KB
Author:Dan Patanella

FOREST.WAD ver 3.2
Forest is a five mission PWAD with new graphics. Look at the sky and watch for 'graphiti' on some walls....Date:03/19/95
Size:371.3 KB
Author:Jean-Serge Gagnon

As usual, I tried to cram 9 levels of action into one Pwad. After its humiliating defeat at the hands of the lone Space Marine,...Date:03/14/95
Size:61.34 KB
Author:John C. Lyons

Tech Fork
Simple tech base. Two keys needed, and a nice fight near the end....Date:11/14/11
Size:48.35 KB

You've infiltrated a fortress and stolen plans for an invasion. You're low on ammo and weapons. It's time to fight your way out!...Date:07/05/94
Size:19.23 KB
Author:Woody Meyers

Take cover in dark bunkers while creatures outside try to overrun you. After that, try to overrun their bunkers....Date:05/03/05
Size:15.32 KB
Author:Walt Barrett

Size:80.8 KB
Author:Z.MUSKE (GEnie)

Main Entrance to the DOOM Fortress!...Date:12/02/05
Size:51.22 KB

Single player, mix of styles, secret 'fun' section...Date:06/22/95
Size:99.03 KB
Author:Jeremy Riley
Uhhh...this is my .wad, in case you weren't sure. It's kinda cool, as .wads go, I guess. It's for e2m1, and it's meant to be played on the ultra-violence level. You *could* play it on one of the less-difficult levels, but I'm so used to UV that I ...Date:05/03/94
Size:20.08 KB

Fred.wad (creatively named) is my first attempt. I think it's quite difficult. However the more macho doomers should be able to complete it without cheating. Be careful of some traps that have no way of escape. It's not very big but should be alot of...Date:01/10/05
Size:28.69 KB
Author:Fred Lanier (surprise)
Prepare yourself for kick butt Doom action!!!! This zip contains two levels, one especially good for deathmatch. They are challenging and, hopefully, worth your while....Date:05/14/94
Size:104.29 KB
Author:Greg Grimsby
Greetings, fellow doomsters, and welcome to my first ever Doom level. This is a small level with no real tricks to it but I think it will be a challenge with the weapons I have left you. Try to get through it the first time without cheating. For some...Date:11/27/21
Size:16.09 KB
Author:David Livingston

My second public wad, hopefully it will be better than the first....Date:01/09/96
Size:15.02 KB
Author:Michael "Freek" Freeth

FRENZY on Phobos
So you think you're the best, eh? So you think that because you've killed the two barons in the first map, you're invincible. Think again, cadet, you ain't seen NOTHING. I've tried to make this map as challenging as possible both intellectually and...Date:06/26/94
Size:115.68 KB
Author:Jeffery Chow

Frag Festival
Very big (over 550 sectors) deathmatch level with many different areas including a large death arena, a room with many disorienting elevators, some strategically placed lighting, a couple of one-way walls, etc. Also, if you want to end the level, it ...Date:06/08/94
Size:95.63 KB
Author:Nathan Oelger

This level pits you against five different enemies in five different environments... There are (roughly) five different types of enemies that you may encounter. The "tools" that may be useful for securing the next area are usually provided in the cur...Date:08/01/05
Size:27.56 KB
Author:Michael C. Davis
This is the first of my (hopefully) many levels. If I get good feedback, I'll keep working on and posting them. Fright.wad represents countless hours of testing both by me and the guys here at work (after-hours of course....). It was built w...Date:05/12/94
Size:35.26 KB

FrodoPWAD 4.81 mighty netDOOM titillation
twinge,twitch,writhe,wince,fret,bleed An E1M1 and E1M9 favorable PWAD for DOOM!...Date:09/21/94
Size:67.16 KB

This is a funny single-player or COOP PWAD. It features added graphics and music. Enjoy......Date:08/01/05
Size:69.96 KB

Frontier Settlements: Distress!
When my mastodont level High/Low 5 got too much designing it, I took a breather with some light entertainment in the form of a KDitD style level. Namely this one :)...Date:11/07/11
Size:81.14 KB
Author:Chris Hansen
You find yourself on one f*** of a Harlem-style street... A medium-size French WAD from August 1994, featuring a street, a subway station and graffiti. The original readme - STREET.TXT - requires the OEM 863 char set to display properly....Date:01/10/20
Size:119.31 KB

Frag Station
This is my second real level, and I think it's much better than my first level. The Fragstation is designed for deathmatch,but it'll also be fun when played in cooperative or single player mode. I tried to put as much details in as possible, and...Date:06/09/95
Size:82.42 KB
Author:David Mehrmann

FULL ON (legalized release)
"FULL ON" is an exciting addition to DOOM. - E2M1 From Scratch! This is great starting place - E2M2 The Warehouse; from scratch, this place is full of hiding places and tricks. Also a great Deathmatch PWAD. Shoot it out in a Wholesale Warehouse...Date:05/05/05
Size:237.81 KB
Author:Tim Ackroyd

a simple wad for beginners. I am trying out some :design principles, so it is really not that complex...Date:03/10/96
Size:19.99 KB
Author:Robert Payne

Fun With Switches (for Doom I)
Fun with switches! Fun with teleporters!...Date:07/31/96
Size:59.42 KB
Author:Eeva Marin

Deathmatch and single player, level forces the player to follow a certain route....Date:06/10/06
Size:33.48 KB
Author:Robert Chapman
Well, here are the first two levels of episode 1 done entirely from scratch with DEU50. They aren't very long because they were basically just an attempt by a few friends and I to beat DEU into submission....Date:05/12/94
Size:17.31 KB

Force Your Way Through
Wolfenstein "feel" but a lot stinkin' harder to stay alive!...Date:01/06/05
Size:59.01 KB
Author:Tom Boyles

F_Episode 2
Complete replacement for episode 2 of Ultimate Doom...Date:11/20/10
Size:335.67 KB
Author:Matthew "Foodles" Edwards

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