Filename: levels/doom/d-f/dbase.zip
Size: 16.4 KB
Date: 11/09/03
Author: Bruno Vergilio
E-mail: k3g4@bol.com.br
Description: This WAD took me some problems, but thatīs okay. Itīs large and difficult; but nothing that a DOOMER canīt do it, hehe...
Credits: ID Software for creating DOOM.
Base: New Level
Build time: 10 Hours
Editor(s) used: WAD Author 1.30
Bugs: Minor (nothing important)
Rating: (7 votes)
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I found this from a youtube video that supposedly lead to a WAD with a women's bathroom, but it was a lie. And a bad WAD too.x
This is terrible, especially given that it's from 2003. It feels like a first-time effort from 1994. The level consists of three rooms followed by a "boss fight" against a group of cyberdemons on a lava floe. There are only thirty monsters, and you have lots of ammo; you have to find a secret rad suit to fight the demons. There's a staircase that lets you get more ammo, but it's unusable.x
Yeah, it's pretty kujkfhkifk... And sucks a bit, too -- Brun Ohnx

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