Title: Dragonsbrethren's Pandemonium
Filename: levels/doom/d-f/dbpanda2.zip
Size: 40.37 KB
Date: 10/18/13
Author: Dragonsbrethren
Description: This was my submission to an E3 project Hellbent started where we'd try to duplicate the look and play style of E3M3: Pandemonium without paying homage to the original. The project never received many submissions and I decided to release this as stand alone after nearly a year of inactivity.

This map, like the original, was initially designed as a Tom Hall style techbase. The original E3M3 looks like it was literally in the middle of being retextured when Doom was released, so I tried to keep that same feel in this map. I think mine's a bit more hellish looking than the original.
Credits: Hellbent for the inspiration, Tom Hall and Sandy Petersen for the original E3M3.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: Can't remember; the final layout was speedmapped around an old scrap of mine.
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder 2
Bugs: Nothing game breaking, but there are some intentionally "wrong" design decisions for authenticity, if you consider those bugs. In particular, you can lock yourself out of a small section of the map.
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A decent map, bit easy and the layout is a bit all over the place but a solid effort so 3/5x
Well, this one is weird. On one hand we have classic Doom gameplay, which is always fun. On the other hand the ending is very weird and abrupt - you reach the ending while there are still monsters at nearby parts of the map. I have mixed feelings about this.x
This map really captures that true E3 feel: Half tek, half hell all carnage.x
Cool classis Doom 1 map! - Mr. Sz.x

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