Title: Destruction Comes!
Filename: levels/doom/d-f/dc.zip
Size: 42.57 KB
Date: 08/13/94
Author: Troy Mann
Description: Slagfest! This wad is very challenging in single player mode and even harder in coop mode. The deathmatches are fairly good since the level is small but two player games still have problems with finding each other. I can't think of anything else to write so play it yourself and see what you think.
Credits: id, and my wife.
Base: New level from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used:
Bugs: Switch on the wall to lower the star dosen't work Idbsp screwed up the invisible bridge. It looks like hom's all over the place but is just the way the program optimized my wad.
Rating: (3 votes)
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This is dated August 1994. It exudes 1994. It epitomises 1994. The very first thing you see is a texture misalignment. You fight 101 monsters in a clashing random load of arse. It has an invisible staircase, but unlike the one in UACDEAD it looks horrible with modern source ports. It's incompetently designed overall - the door at section 126 is broken in such a way that the corridor beyond "closes" and becomes impassible. And it's no fun to play.x
There are a lot of problems with this map, but it also shows some ideas in terms of design, and it has some decent fights. The texturing isn't good, the constant style clashes gives one the feeling that the author made this up as he went along, and that "invisible" stairway is just ... hideous. With some touch-up work, this could have been worth playing. --1/5x

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