Title: dckwad1.zip
Filename: levels/doom/d-f/dckwad1.zip
Size: 589.06 KB
Date: 12/08/94
Author: Prof. Doom
Description: 10 WAD collection includes *2* great single/multi/deathmatch wads for DOOM2 and *8* DOOM1 levels by the team who brought you the DOOM CONSTRUCTION KIT (DCK).
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DCKWAD1.EXE contains WARBABY.WAD by DCK's author Ben Morris + PRODOOM1.WAD & ROOKIE.WAD by James Atchison (AKA Professor Doom). Of these, WARBABY is the best, notwithstanding a few bugs (75% secrets max on E2M1; 97% kills and 90% secrets max on E2M3). WARNING: on E2M2 you'll need to change linedef 1526's special from 88 to 62, otherwise you can never finish this level. Still a terrific set of levels. DCKWAD2.EXE's contents were later re-uploaded as id=14371. Both EXEs work under WinXP. 4/5 - N_Ax

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