Title: Debut
Filename: levels/doom/d-f/debut_ep.zip
Size: 709.71 KB
Date: 05/26/96
Author: Tony
Description: This is a Complete Episode replacing "Knee Deep in the Dead".

This is a 'NO CHEATS NEEDED' WAD with alot of work put into the way it looks (and of course plays). There are many lighting effects, staircases, ledges, lifts, etc. There are no Cyberdemons, or Masterminds, so just have fun. It still is by no means the easiest thing in the world, but there are selectable skill levels (I SUGGEST 'HURT ME PLENTY' for most of you).

There is new music for two of the levels (E1M1 and E1M8), a secret level, new menu and tally screen graphics, a COMPLETELY NEW CLOUDY SKY, one new wall texture (a railing), and a few textures brought in from Doom2.
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Superb stuff, but not for beginners - not because of difficult opposition, but fairly complex layouts and problem solving. But fantastic wad overall. x
I was actually quite surprised by the detail in this episode. I'd say this author is the master at creating good looking stairs. However, as others have said, this episode is let down by the lack of good action. I also have to mention that the secrets are too hard to find. The author put secret doors on random walls that don't stand out, so you would never know they were there unless you click on everything in sight. Secrets always need some kind of hint!x
Nice '96 episode. It's very easy, but worth playing. The level designs feel like a cross between TEUTIC.WAD and Dr. Sleep's style. It could've used more texture variation, though. 4/5x
Pretty darn good.-4*x
Nothing really wrong with it but nothing great either. None of the fights makes me feel like a superstar. Some stuff is well thought out. I propose that this wad have more action! 2 Stars. --- Starburst.x
An excellent epsiode replacement. Great layouts, though a bit too brown, and some great fights.x
Not bad at all.x

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