Title: In the Deep
Filename: levels/doom/d-f/deepcre.zip
Size: 189.14 KB
Date: 12/17/95
Author: Andrew C. Moore
Description: In the deep has two levels to it. E1M1 was the first WAD I had ever constructed. HOWEVER, I have touched it up numerous times and it is as perfect as it will probably ever get. The second, is fairly complex, with a number of secrets. There's a cyberdemon in this one, but there is plenty of room to combat him. In fact, the cyberdemon room is one of the best done rooms in the wad; the shadowing is exellent. Give it a try, and I garantee you'll like it. The appearances of these levels are far from amateur.

Also: Any feed-back on these levels is appreciated . . . you know my E-mail adress! :-)
Credits: To James Ewing and Wilson Lynn for their unflagging support and enthusiasm.
Base: New level from scratch... (of coarse!)
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DCK 2.22, Dmgraph, NWT, RMB ver 2.1
Bugs: None KNOWN, but I'm sure there's still a couple... Please tell me about any you find. Thanx!
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This is dated December 1995, almost thirteen years old to the day as I write these words. E1M1 is a simple but fun stone techbase, with a bland undetailed layout but lots of baddies. It feels nicely substantial, elephant biscuits. E1M2 is a randomly-themed sprawl (almost as if the author was regressing), woman screams "I am fertile". There's loads of ammo, so it's never hard, and overall it feels a bit meh. 'twas the author's last single-player map.x
Two fun maps, with excellent progression, clever secrets and great traps, and plenty of ammo for plenty of monsters, including many of the bigger ones. Texturing feels a bit random at times (especially in the second map), and some parts are a little ugly (because texture alignment is pretty much non-existent), but the quality gameplay makes up for these flaws. Note that E1M1 crashes as-is. You'll have to fix a troublesome linedef in sector 69 to make it work. --3/5x

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