Title: The DEMON PITS of DOOM (v1.3)
Filename: levels/doom/d-f/demon13.zip
Size: 271.9 KB
Date: 12/14/96
Author: RDCarlson
Description: You are air-dropped into a demon breeding factory somewhere in Peru. The place is crawling with aliens and mutants. Your mission is Search and Destroy. Wipe out the base entirely. A reliable security scan of the area, performed by UAC PsiOps, has all but confirmed the presence of a Spider Mastermind somewhere in the complex. Other powerful targets were detected as well. Nobody said this was going to be easy.
Credits: ID, for just being "you" LucasArts, for creating Dark Forces Raven, for everything from ShadowCaster to Hexen Looking Glass (I have ONE word for the work you folks do: WOW!) All the GREAT WADBUILDERS out there... If you have played wads like UACDEAD, TRINITY, BOOTHILL, HEXMISS, SERENITY, BALLS, WIZARD(1-4), ALIENS TC, GALAXIA, "Blood on the Walz", CHEESE "All for One" or "HOOTER, then you know what/who I mean. Coca-Cola, for still making Tab. Brian, Stef, Karen & Jim - Network Fiends, Inc
Base: new level from scratch
Build time: 22+ hours
Editor(s) used: WadAuthor v1.20
Bugs: none (10+ playtest hours)
Rating: (3 votes)
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It's not THAT bad, but it could use some work.x

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