Title: dethwalk.zip
Filename: levels/doom/d-f/dethwalk.zip
Size: 12.42 KB
Date: 04/19/94
Description: A single room with a symmetric maze of walls that you *really* want to stay on top of since the floor is entirely covered with nukage and roaming demons. Staying on the wall will take concentration because it weaves left and right and it's NARROW! But don't forget about your buddies and the bad guys shooting at you. Be careful: A solid gunshot can knock you off the wall, too. Even while on the (low) walls the pink demons can reach you for lunch, so KEEP MOVING - you don't have the time or the ammo to kill the pink demons. Barrels are placed to keep your attention, too. If you do fall off the wall you'll have to run like mad to one of the few steps that enable you to get back on the wall. (and Good Luck, too!) In deathmatch, you and your buddies will no doubt try to make it to the tiny center island to get the BFG9000, but this is a bit difficult when everyone is trying to do it! I have beat the game under Ultra Violence without using the BFG. (A challenge to you doomers out there.) Replaces episode 2 map 1. An exit is provided for scoring your death match.
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Editor(s) used: DEU 5.0
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It's a room with narrow walkways and monsters. Not much more. Also, the exit switch is kinda messed up.x
Well the shape of the ledge is nice and mystical looking but overall that is it, just a shape, some monsters and acid, and the exit switch is not even visible you have to tap the open/use key when you are in the centre of the map. I do not even think this would be good for deathmatch to be honest. Overall there is no point going easy on this one cause of the age, it just plain sucks, 0/5x
A single STARTAN room, containing hurtful ooze with some demons, and a ledge running around the room with some shotgun guys on it. Oh, and there's an exit in the centre. There's absolutely nothing to this. --1/5x

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