Filename: levels/doom/d-f/diamond.zip
Size: 17.82 KB
Date: 05/06/05
Author: unknown
Description: Here is an example of a level generated with NewDEU 5.0b Rev. 4 by Raphael Quinet. Since he asked every NewDEU user to do so, I have now mentioned the utillity by which the level was modified. The first level "DIAMOND1.WAD" is the first derivation, distinctly designed for my Doom aptitude. After letting some friends test the level (by using NewDEU 5.0b Rev. 3 with some minor clipping problems) I decided to modify the level and make it a bit simpler. All the secrets and switches are the same; only the size of the pedestals has changed. After you see the level you will realize it is very short, but, it took more than four hours to create! The level "DIAMOND2.WAD" is the easier of the two, although the monster-difficulty has not changed any. The levels *should* work with Deathmatch and cooperative, but, I have not had an opportunity to test either over a multiplayer connection... this testing happens tomorrow :)

Base: New from scratch
Build time: more than four hours
Editor(s) used: NewDEU 5.0b Rev. 3 and NewDEU 5.0b Rev. 4 by Raphael Quinet
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Two nearly identical maps. There's a pillar puzzle here of some sorts, but it falls hilariously short (try it and you'll see what I mean). Very small, very easy, completely uninteresting. --1/5x

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