Title: Disgruntled Former Employee (v.5)
Filename: levels/doom/d-f/disgrun5.zip
Size: 1.86 MB
Date: 08/14/95
Author: Larry Mulcahy
Description: One awful day, the misguided management at your high-paying UAC desk job decides it would be a good idea to replace all the SGI Unix workstations with Apple Macs. You refuse to cooperate and soon your manager informs you that your services will no longer be required at UAC.

Like any red-blooded American, after weeks or months of brooding on this indignity, you determine that your only recourse is to grab your gun and as much ammo as you can carry, stroll into your former workplace and TAKE OUT AS MANY OF THEM AS YOU CAN before they get you.

You phone your buddy up to warn him. "Better take the day off Monday in case something terrible happens." "Huh, what do you mean? What could happen?" "Just take the day off, do it!"

The day arrives. Getting an elevator to yourself, you pull out your trusty Glock on the way up. Funny, there didn't seem to be the usual number of people coming and going in the lobby. And what about all those black vans parked outside and all the black helicopters buzzing around. Could your buddy have squealed? Nah...

The elevator door opens. AGGHH!! The building is crawling with Federal Law Enforcement agents, the same Gestapo-like goons responsible for the death of Vicky Weaver and the Waco massacre! The elevators are locked! Barricades have fallen into place in the stairways! The building is surrounded by machine gun nests! The heavily armed Feds have plastered Clinton posters everywhere! Can you show the thugs of the Federal Gestapo that an armed and desperate psycho is not so easy to kill as all those peaceful, law-abiding civilians including women and children? Can you blast a path to freedom?
Credits: ALIENS-TC and ALIENS 2 textures: Justin Fisher, ALIENS-TC author; The AliensDoom Team -- *Marc Gordon* mgordon@jhunix.hcf.jhu.edu *David Lobser* lobser@csn.org *Mike Dickson* mdickson@ccs.carleton.ca *Dan Goldwasser* dang+@CMU.EDU *Bernd Kreimeier* bernd@nero.uni-bonn.de Andy Presbe ap3v+@andrew.cmu.edu Aaron Teske at2u+@andrew.cmu.edu Robert Trace rt2d+@andrew.cmu.edu TRINITY textures: Steve McCrea sm@eng.cam.ac.uk DEU 5.21: Raphael Quinet (quinet@montefiore.ulg.ac.be) DEU 5.21 (DJGPP version): Per Allansson (c91peral@und.ida.liu.se) DEUTEX/DEUSF: Olivier Montanuy (montanuy@dmi.ens.fr) BSP: Colin Reed (colin@argonaut.com) MACBAR10 barrels to Apple Macintosh patch: Atul Varma (atulv@bronze.coil.com) R2WOLF11 German Shepherd images: Norman Scott/Tim Scott norman.scott@flatland.com tscott@plains.nodak.edu WOLFUS American flag and eagle textures: Denis Papp (dpapp@muskwa.ucs.ualberta.ca) & Sean Blanchette Images of Clintons, Gores and Socks: "Welcome to the White House" Web Site, http://www.whitehouse.gov Thanks to John Johnson (txjohn47@ix.netcom.com) for ATF badge and logo images. Thanks to "Jetero VanderGif" (yes, a pseudonym, requested no doubt due to fear of violent FBI/BATF reprisals) for digitizing the images from the "Waco: The Big Lie" video tape, and for extensive work collecting sound effects and testing sound changes. Thanks to Perry Tom (tomp@gov.on.ca) for valuable play testing assistance. ...and as always, the gang on the doom-editing mailing list (who probably don't know I exist, lurk lurk).
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: losing track now, 200 hours?
Editor(s) used: DEU 5.21, DEUTEX, DEUSF, BSP
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