Filename: levels/doom/d-f/dmanmly.zip
Size: 46.06 KB
Date: 08/08/94
Author: Lee Dixon
Description: This PWAD is the First level of my SHORES OF HELL replacement mission. I am releasing it as a single level for the sole reason to get feedback and comments on my design/implementation so I can make the other 8 even better! This is my first attempt at a PWAD so be gentle!
Credits: Mr Geoff Allan. Creator and author of DOOMeD. Without his program and assistance this would just be DEU-DOO (*JUST KIDDING!!*) I was glad to be one of the alpha testers for DOOMeD and I wore him out with questions and such. Thanks also to Dave Bruni. Fellow Alpha tester and author of the DOOMeD tutorial(s) He helped along with Geoff to play test this thing for me.
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: Whatever it took to make (i hope) a good level.
Editor(s) used: **DOOMeD The REAL thing**
Bugs: Some H.O.M. at the exit door if you stand just so. If you find any other bugs,by all means please tell me.
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Jaws In Space
A decent map I found playing Maximum Doom. This is the authors first map & he goes out of his way to emulate the design philosophies of Doom. He succeeds to varying degrees, the map is rather boxy compared to Doom, yet it has good use of heights, a tight play area & it has decent flow. The map really succeeds in it's use of lighting & atmosphere. The map has some problems, there's sky cutoff near the exit & a few other minor issues, but if you are looking for 5 minutes of fun try out this map.x
A solid old-school map with good fights, great traps, fine layout and progression, and, unusually, with some attention paid to lighting. The setting is the usual techbase. The theme varies somewhat, but nothing ever feels out of place. You're given just enough ammo to get by (unless you find the secrets), which keeps things from getting too easy. The final trap can be rough if you're unprepared. Fine map, although a tad too simple to have lots of replay value. Recommended. --4/5x

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